When to use hot and cold packs

Did you know that compresses, just like poultices and the ointments, allow to treat certain ailments and problems both internally and of the skin, in a totally effective way and also in a completely natural way ?.

Explained in a simple way, we can say that within the well-known as grandma's pharmacy (or in short, within the different home remedies that our grandmothers have bequeathed to us and that have been passed down from generation to generation), compresses are remedies - usually of cloth- that are soaked with after substances rich in certain active substances.

Depending on the problem, disorder or disease that you wish to treat in this way, it is possible to use cold compresses or hot compresses. Hence, it is fundamental and important to discover what their main differences are, and above all, when it is advisable to use one option or another.

What are cold compresses and when to use them?

Cold compresses are those that are soaked in a cold or warm substance in order to lower the temperature or the sensation of heat in certain areas of the body. That is, they are useful home remedies to help get the heat out of the body, or even to cool it down.

The known as cold compresses they are especially interesting when it comes to relieve fever, relieve burns Y decrease redness related to these types of conditions and problems. An example are the cold cloths with vinegar, ideal for lowering fever.

For this it is necessary to detect those areas of the body that are hot depending on the discomfort that has occurred, and therefore use the cold compress in order to help out the heat.

Surely you will remember how when you were little your grandmother or your mom put cold pads soaked in apple cider vinegar in order to lower your fever. Indeed, that is one of the purposes for which this type of remedies is used.

For example, if you want to quickly cool the body or that warm area of ​​the body you can soak the compress in cold water and some other substance such as alcohol. While if you try to treat and relieve minor burns, you can soak in cold water and aloe vera.

And the hot compresses? When to use them?

The compresses (in its different variants, whether cold, warm or hot) became years ago in a natural and home remedies particularly used by our grandmothers and mothers in the natural treatment of different ailments and health problems, in the same way as before they were used poultices Y ointments.

However, they are remedies that are clearly differentiated from the other remedies mentioned above: while ointments or cataplasms are used by applying to them pastes made with herbs and medicinal plants, the compresses are only soaked in a certain active substance (which it can be from alcohol to an essential oil, passing through plant juices).

Warm compresses, unlike cold compresses, are those that are soaked in a substance that has previously been heated, in order to help relax and reduce pain. They may also have been previously heated, and then soaked in the liquid solution (which does not necessarily have to be hot, but not cold).

The known as hot compresses they are especially interesting and useful when it comes to relax the body, help the body to expel toxins through the skin, and in treatment of chronic diseases (such as back pain or back pain).

They are also interesting when it comes to decrease the pain of premenstrual syndrome, reduce inflammation caused by colic and to relieve problems in the urinary and biliary tract. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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