When you begin to notice the belly of a pregnant woman

The pregnancy It is always one of the best stages in the life of a woman, although it is also a very important moment that can lead to the existence of a great diversity of doubts, fears and concerns.

One of them, especially in first-time moms (that is, it is the first time they are pregnant and therefore have never had a child), is related to the size of the belly, and more specifically, from what week or month the belly of a pregnant woman begins to grow.

The truth is that in reality, as many gynecologists say, there is no specific point in pregnancy in which the belly begins or does not notice. It is something that will happen at a different time for each woman, and it will not always be the same between one pregnancy or another.

For example, new mothers often begin to show pregnancy later. And for that there is a simple explanation: your abdominal muscles have not been stretched yet by a previous pregnancy. While, on the other hand, taller women or those with a long torso, it is common that they do not have as much belly, since they usually have more space for their baby to be arranged longitudinally.

How the belly grows during pregnancy

Did you know The size of the belly during pregnancy is directly proportional to the size of the uterus? Therefore, as the baby grows, so does the uterus, and the future mother begins to notice it from the outside, but from the inside her growth is much greater.

In fact, in the first weeks of pregnancy, the most common is the appearance of early symptoms of pregnancy, with its typical, common and more common annoyances, but the size of the belly or abdomen almost does not increase because the uterus remains inside the pelvis yet, and in the meantime tend to thicken the different muscles of the uterine wall.

Moreover, as we will know more in detail in the following lines, until after the third month it is not common for the typical abdomen of pregnancy to be noticed, at which time the uterus no longer remains inside the pelvis. From this moment the abdomen tend to go rounding, and the pants begin to tighten at waist height.

From what week do you usually begin to notice the belly in the pregnant?

By the third month, the uterus is about the size of an orange, so it is around the end of the first trimester when the abdomen begins to grow and round.

  • In first-time mothers: It is common to begin to notice a slight increase in belly size between 12 and 16 weeks.
  • In mothers who have already had other pregnancies: it is usual that from second pregnancies the belly begins to be noticed between week 10 and 14.

However, keep in mind that it is much more important that your doctor tells you that your baby is developing correctly, and that your weight gain is consistent with your gestational age, that you notice that your belly has grown or not of size. Fundamentally because sometimes it is something that takes more time for women with larger sizes.

And if you make any comments about the size of your belly you should learn not to take them into account and abstract from them, relying solely on the opinion and medical advice of your gynecologist. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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