Where it is best to store and store tea at home

That he tea It is one of the most consumed drinks in the world that would have practically no room for doubt. In fact, it is quite probable that we have some varieties of tea in our pantry, either in sachets, in strands or in sheets for their preparation.

But it is also possible that we are not keeping it in the most appropriate place in the house. Or even that we are not keeping it in the most recommended element as a way to preserve its flavor, its aroma and especially its different properties and most important benefits.

In fact, as we will check throughout this note, although it is customary to store it in a glass jar, it is a complete mistake, since this type of bottle does not protect it from light. In the same way that it is not suitable to keep it in open places, because other odors that influence its flavor can be impregnated in the tea.

Which elements are tea enemies?

As with most foods and medicinal plants, and especially in the case of tea (regardless of the variety), there are basically three main enemies of tea: light, humidity and air.

Other elements also have a very negative influence, such as smells and the existence of other foods or foods close, especially if the tea is not kept in an element with a tight seal that prevents it from coming in contact with other odors.

Therefore, when it comes to preserving the tea correctly and keeping it in a suitable place, we must bear in mind that it is not a good idea for it to be a humid place, where it is directly exposed to sunlight.

Where to keep tea?

Light deteriorates tea strands, so it is not advisable to keep it in glass jars although they are very good as a decorative element.

It is best to store the tea in a closed container that closes tightly, which will prevent the passage of any odor and will preserve it and adequately protect it from humidity and air. It can be a can or a ceramic jar with airtight seal.

On the other hand, It is very important that the bottle or can not pass the light through its walls, so that in addition to being able to close hermetically it is necessary that we can not see what is inside until we open it by the lid. This is how we protect it from ambient light, and above all from direct sunlight.

That is, it is more appropriate to store the tea in a place dry, clean, odor free and without food, to ensure that it does not lose its organoleptic qualities (flavor, aroma and texture).

If you follow the advice indicated in the previous lines tea can be preserved in optimal conditions for up to 2 years after having bought it.

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