White or brown sugar to exfoliate the skin: benefits and contraindications

Although the sugar, be it the White sugar or the Brown sugar, they are traditionally used as a sweetener for different dishes and drinks (although as we have already mentioned on many occasions, it is not the most appropriate option due to its effects on our health), we can use it in beauty recipes natural, and not exactly as an artificial sweetener.

In fact, as with other ingredients, for example, it is the case sea ​​saltDid you know that you can act like an excellent skin scrub? It is useful when it comes to enjoy a complexion care and free of impurities, giving our skin an appearance not only fresh, but much younger.

The reason is found in its qualities to exfoliate the skin, eliminate all dead cells present in it, with what we also get -in the end- make blackheads disappear.

Differences between sugar and sea salt as skin scrub

Although it is common and usual that both ingredients are used equally in the development of different beauty recipes to exfoliate our skin naturally, the fact is that many people prefer sugar to sea salt.

Why? Fundamentally because it tends not to dry the skin or to attack it, something that does happen with sea salt because at the same time that it exfoliates in depth it tends to eliminate the humidity present in the different cells of the skin, resecting it in many occasions in excess.

In fact, unlike the sea salt that simply exfoliates the skin when applied by abrasion, sugar contains an acid called glycolic, a natural compound which also exfoliates the skin at a chemical level, in addition to abrasion. But to be so abrasive is only advised to use on the skin of the body (not the face). Of course, if you want to use on the face should always be done with caution.

Benefits when exfoliating the skin with sugar

  • Deep cleaning: sugar, either white or brown, stands out for being a true exfoliator in depth, so they help to cleanse the skin and eliminate dead cells accumulated in it in a deep, fast and effective way.
  • Exfoliation at the chemical level: As we mentioned in the previous lines, sugar contains natural glycolic acid, which helps to exfoliate the skin at a chemical level, and not only by abrasion. This is precisely one of the main differences between sugar and sea salt as exfoliating products.
  • Soft and clean skin: when we exfoliate the skin with sugar we will check only a few minutes later how it becomes soft and clean, improving both appearance and appearance. This is because in addition to eliminating dead cells helps reduce the presence of blackheads.
  • Easy to use: although there are plenty of recipes with sugar to exfoliate the skin, in which we can use it together with honey, lemon or olive oil, it is as simple as mixing it with neutral soap and applying it on the face.

Contraindications: when not to use sugar as an exfoliant

Although sugar can usually act as a wonderful exfoliant without side effects, we must pay attention to its contraindications; that is, when it is not advisable to use it to exfoliate the skin.

It is not advisable to use it on the skin, but on the rest of the body since it is too abrasive. For this reason, its use over sensitive or irritated skin. It is also not recommended in case of skins burnt by the sun (that is, with sunburn).

However, if you want to use it on the skin of the face, it should only be used once or twice a month, no more.


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