Whiter teeth

There are many people who care about knowing very different tricks and remedies to give them the possibility, over time, to enjoy some whiter teeth, as well as about healthy teeth.

There are tips for all tastes, although it is necessary to take into consideration that, most of them, serve really well for little, mainly because they do not have a solid base in which to stay.

The color of a healthy tooth is mainly conditioned by the dentin, a layer located just under the enamel, which is translucent and shows the denture itself.

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Here we present some tricks that will allow you to achieve white teeth.

Tips to have whiter teeth

  • Avoid taking red wine, coffee and tea.
  • Avoid smoking, since the staining that it produces, like the indicated drinks, is proportional to its consumption.
  • Never let more than 20 minutes go by without brushing your teeth once you have eaten.
  • Not for a long period of time use whitening pastes. But not for long, because they can cause sensitivity.
  • For a good and correct oral health, it is advisable to do a cleaning at least once a year.

How to Whiten Really Yellow Teeth : Dental Health (February 2023)