Why acne appears in adolescence and prevention

It is very common. Every time a boy or girl begins to reach puberty, he sees his face is flooded with a multitude of tiny granites in a condition that is commonly referred to as acne. And if it precisely arises from puberty, it is usual to be known by the name of juvenile acne.

This is clear proof that the person in question is leaving behind his childhood to give way to his maturity. And a clear example of this is also seen with the abrupt changes in behavior that cause us so much trouble, about everything if we are parents.

But what exactly is the acne? Surely many will ask. It consists of a condition where the pores of the skin are infected, thus giving rise to these bumps or pimples of a reddish color.

The worst of all is that this situation can get even worse if the young man in question is dedicated to "exploiting" these pimples with his own fingers, as it can cause the appearance of small wounds and scars over time.

Reasons why acne appears

Once this is known, we will delve into the different reasons why acne may appear. Among the most common, it fits highlight sudden hormonal change, which causes excess fat to be produced on the skin.

But the thing does not end here, before puberty, we see how teens start to get out facial and body hair. In the case of men, they even begin to acquire a more serious voice, while women see their Breasts are increasing little by little, next to the appearance of your menstrual period.

On the other hand, An incorrect diet can also be very linked to the appearance of acne. A diet based on Fats, carbohydrates and sugars can have the most negative effect on a teenager's skin. Therefore, it is very important to eat in a rich and varied way with all kinds of nutrients.

Likewise, because any young person can have a very busy life due to their level of studies or work, this stress situation also it may favor the appearance of pimples or red bumps along the face. For this reason, lead a quiet and peaceful life, taking breaks during the weekends, it also seems very important when it comes to avoiding this skin condition.

How can we avoid the appearance of acne?

Now that we have seen the main reasons why acne may appear, we are going to close this article to give you a series of tips at the time of saying goodbye to this common condition.

  • Carry a healthy and balanced diet. As we have commented at the beginning of the article, it seems very important to eat low-fat foods and replace them with vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Reduce stress levels For this, it is very important to dedicate moments of rest and disconnection. Especially after work or studies and during the weekend.
  • Wash your face every day. A daily and constant facial hygiene can also be very useful when saying goodbye to those red pimples in the form of acne. With a little gel and warm water it will be more than enough.
  • Visit the dermatologist. There is also the option of visiting a trusted dermatologist so that this gives a more personalized treatment that best fits our needs.

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