Why anxiety appears and how to reduce it naturally

We can say without any doubt that the anxiety is an alert system that emerges in our body in certain situations, which we tend to consider as threatening.

That is to say, they are situations that tend to affect us in a negative way, and that we understand as of danger or risk. It is, therefore, a defense mechanism that our own body "creates" in order to react to that threat, risk or danger.

Currently many experts consider the known as generalized anxiety disorder, being considered today -in fact- as one of the most common and common psychiatric disorders. It affects women more, although men can also suffer it.

Why does anxiety arise or appear?

Before discovering and knowing which are the main causes of anxiety, we must bear in mind that it is a mechanism whose main function is that of warn and activate the organism; that is to say, to mobilize it in front of a certain situation that considers threat or risk, although this is real or not.

Therefore, we can establish a main cause that causes its appearance: the existence of a threatening situation or risk. It is true that, in this case, the conception of risk or threat is a purely subjective issue. Therefore two different people can cause the same situation to one anxiety, and not to the other.

Although in the past it became a truly effective defense mechanism, and to this day it still is, when anxiety becomes chronic, it actually constitutes a real health problem that can interfere in social, labor and social activities. in the day to day of the person, especially when the anxiety generates a lot of suffering and also some incapacitation.

How to fight it naturally?

The anxiety is an evil that affects practically everyone in a situation of great importance or very stressful, however, for others, it is something almost constant that can alter our mood and encourage unhealthy behaviors. These natural remedies will allow you to diminish that sensation unnecessarily.

Many herbs allow us to combat anxiety and can be used as an aromatherapy or as an essential oil to incorporate in massages or creams (remember that they should not be applied directly on the skin, they should be reduced). Here we recommend several alternatives to reduce your anxiety naturally.

The Melissa (also called citronella abejera, bergamot herb, luisa grass, torongina and melissa) is a very useful medicinal plant to reduce anxiety. It is also used in other problems of the nervous, hepatic, digestive or neuralgic type. The balm It also has antispasmodic and digestive properties. It is highly recommended because it relaxes the nervous system without generating numbness, and at the same time, improving mood.

Lemon balm or lemon balm is used, for example in the "Carmen water" made by French Carmelites and is often used to reduce anxiety. The lemon balm is also available in essential oil for use with diffuser, in the bathroom or in massages. This herb can also be incorporated as an infusion.

Other medicinal plants can be used to reduce anxiety naturally. The geranium essential oil It is antidepressant and promotes relaxation and reflection. Also the anise, the poppy, the chamomile, the kaki, the lavender and the mint can help us to harmonize the state of mind, either with incense or with aromatherapy.

If you like infusions, in addition to lemon balm you can use chamomile and mint. To make the most of its relaxing properties you can drink a tea on an empty stomach or at night before going to bed. Another alternative is to prepare a liter of water with an infusion of chamomile and take it slowly during the day. Also lilac tea is an alternative to lower anxiety.

In addition to the incorporation of these medicinal plants, there are other ways to help lower your anxiety naturally. Food can be improved by incorporating foods with vitamins and minerals to help balance our body. It is also recommended to cut the consumption of white sugar or foods that contain it (soft drinks, sweets, etc.).

Phytotherapy also proposes some solutions to reduce anxiety naturally, for example Passionflower or St John's wort. It is recommended to consume between two and four capsules a day.

Finally there are many activities we can do to reduce anxiety. A good example of these are the practices of Reiki, yoga or tai chi that have come a long time since the East, providing new ways of accessing relaxation and enriching our spirituality through meditation and the channeling of energies and thoughts.

They are also very helpful to reduce anxiety naturally reflexology, acupuncture and bioenergetic medicine. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist. ThemesAnxiety

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