Why do a medical checkup before playing sports?

Habits of life have changed, fortunately for healthier living habits in which both healthy and balanced diet along with physical activity are complemented to enjoy good health.

There are many people who currently practice some kind of physical activity or sport of different intensities. When it comes to intense physical activity it is advisable, before starting to get a good medical review.

We must bear in mind that excesses can be dangerous especially if we do not know how our organism is and until intensity levels we can reach. The intensity of physical activity should be appropriate to the characteristics at the pace of each person and also to their possibilities.

Currently, perhaps the activity that we see more and more is running. Young, mature people and also some older people are running without a previous revision.

Even if you are a young person the medical examination is advisable at any age to know if our body is qualified for this type of exercise or any other that we have decided to practice, especially if it requires intensity.

The doctors advise it, first of all prevention

With a good previous recognition we will know not only if our heart is well, also if we do not suffer from any serious coronary or cardiorespiratory problem. At the time of the exercise it is also important to know how the joints are, the spine, hips, knees, feet.

With the medical review we will know if we are healthy so we can dedicate ourselves to the physical activity that we like the most. It will also provide us with information depending on the result to adapt or change the type of exercise to our state of health.

The test known as "stress test" is recommended by specialists before they start running or intensity sports. This test is recommended to men over 45 years and women over 55 years, since at this age the cardiovascular risk increases.

With optimal results we can dedicate ourselves to any physical activity and thus we will stay in shape and we will gain health. Maintaining sedentary lifestyle habits and poor nutrition will contribute to our health. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

School Sports Physical Exam | Auburn Medical Group (July 2024)