Why do bruises appear?

Recently we were wondering about the color of the bruises; that is, why when we give ourselves a slight blow or something stronger our skin changes color, and even as the days go by, the area where we have given ourselves this blow changes even more until it finally disappears.

Hence, when we give ourselves a blow, our skin turns pink, then go from purple-blue to greenish, to adopt a yellowish tone to finally disappear.

Regardless of the fact that bruise we really call it that, or with the names of bruise or hematomaDo you really know why they appear?

The bruises appear as a result of which the blow to broken small blood vessels or capillaries, located under the skin. This causes a buildup of blood, which precisely causes that first shade of pink.

The process continues to take a bluish-purple color, because the red blood cells that have been damaged release hemoglobin, acting as a pigment. But our body does not remain without doing anything, since it acts quickly to reabsorb this hematoma, so that the hemoglobin is transformed into biliverdin and the biliverdin into bilirubin, and then slowly pass to the blood bound to proteins.

Taking into account the indicated, evidently depending on the blow that we give (if it is light or strong, and its extension), we can have from tiny bruises, to bruises of larger sizes. ThemesSkin

What Causes Bruising (without trauma)? (July 2024)