Why do we snore?

We listen to them at the moment when the person is sleeping, whether it is the nap itself, or he sleeps soundly during the night or during the day. And it is extremely annoying for the one who, precisely, is not sleeping or just trying to sleep.

We are talking, obviously, of the annoying snoring, sounds that certain people make at the time they sleep, and that in fact we can all do at some point while we sleep, without this implying that we have a respiratory problem or not.

But, Why do we snore?, Why snoring is produced ?.

Why do we snore?

The sound of snore It tends to occur when there is an obstruction to the passage of air through the back of both the mouth and the nose.

At this time, the tongue, the bell and the palate tend to come into contact, producing this characteristic -and annoying- sound.

Causes of snoring

There are several causes of snoring that ultimately produce its appearance:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Cold
  • Nasal allergy
  • Infection (especially sinusitis or tonsillitis)
  • Certain deformities

Solutions for snoring

The solutions for snoring happen because the problem that originally causes is first recognized and causes the appearance of the snoring.

Finally, the medical specialist will always be the right person to indicate to the patient the best treatment for snoring.

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