Why does hair fall out in autumn? How to remedy it and take care of it

The autumn It supposes the arrival of a much colder season, in fact it is characterized as the passage from a hot time like summer to one in which temperatures begin to fall and bad weather begins to make an appearance.

And as each change of season also exerts some not so positive effects on health: it is usual that with the change of time and later with the decrease of time in what refers to sunlight, the so-called autumnal asthenia, while another common problem is hair loss.

In this sense we could almost find a simile between the fall of the leaves of the trees of this time with the fall of hair in autumn, although the key is not to think that precisely our hair falls, but it is renewed, and in These months of the year tend to be renewed more than in others.

Precisely hair loss in autumn is much more evident because it has special relationship with the birth cycle and hair growth.

Bearing in mind that hairs take an average of 3 months since they die until they definitely fall, many experts agree that in late spring it is the time of the year when hair tends to renew itself, but it is not until the end of spring. months of August or September when we notice this fall to find them in the sink or on our pillow.

Although in autumn you fall more hair than usual you should not worry, since all the hair that falls in these months tend to reappear after three or four months.

On the other hand, it is advisable to maintain good capillary hygiene. And is that unlike what you think, washing your hair often is not related to hair falling more or less.

5 tips to keep hair healthy during the fall

Once told, I'm sure many of you will breathe a little easier knowing that this hair problem is more common than many believed. In one way or another, we tell you that there are a number of tips that we are going to show you that will help you enjoy a stronger hair during the fall.

Do you want to know them? If yes, we will ask you to pay close attention to the following lines:

Increase the consumption of vitamin A

The Vitamin A It is one of those natural compounds that can help us considerably to strengthen our entire scalp from the root to the tips, thus avoiding unwanted falls.

And where can we find vitamin A? Surely many will ask. Well, in the eggs, dairy products and a multitude of fish such as salmon.

Give up tobacco

Tobacco use is also very linked to hair loss, especially in those too fragile hairs. In this sense, it seems very important that you abandon this harmful habit since with the smoke of cigarettes you are only going to get "drown" part of the hair follicle, thus preventing hair from growing normally.

Drink a lot of water

As with any organism in our body, hair also needs extra oxygen so it can grow normally. Therefore, it is also important to increase water consumption to at least 2 or 3 liters per day so that our hair looks much healthier and more radiant. And if you can also reduce the consumption of caffeine, much better, since this compound only weakens the hair.

Beware of the dryer

It goes without saying that the dryer is a very useful instrument when drying the hair in a fast and effective way just when leaving the shower. But you have to be careful.

Too continuous use can have a negative effect on our hair, especially if we use a temperature too high. So just use a towel to later take advantage of the good weather and the mild temperatures that are still present in the fall to dry your hair in a more natural way.

In addition, the same goes for the hair iron, that used regularly even at adequate temperatures can dry out the hair.

The masks are your allies

It is completely normal that throughout the year our scalp suffers too much, causing it to dry out and even fall off gradually.

To remedy this, there is a series of homemade hair masks that will serve to strengthen all our hair from the root to the tips and get so grow from the beginning with much more strength.

Other quick recommendations to prevent hair from falling in autumn

As we have explained to you, when the fall arrives, the rain and the excess of humidity also arrive (which in general increases considerably in the colder months, during the winter). Issues that cause the hair to lose shine and appear to be worn.

This is so, mainly because when the hair is exposed to sudden changes in temperature, the hair tends to become dry, brittle and frizzy.

This dryness begins at the tips, so if you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny, it is essential that you cut it regularly, being ideal to cut it every six weeks in winter.

One of the first steps to get a nice mane is to keep a clean hair, being ideal to apply the shampoo with a gentle massage, far from falling into the mistake of rubbing too hard the scalp.

In cases where the hair curls, dries or becomes entangled, it is preferable to use conditioning products before using the dryer, also applying a restorative cream.

It is convenient that once a week, use a moisturizing mask, covering the head with aluminum foil and apply gentle heat for approximately 20 minutes. ThemesHair Autumn

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