Why drink warm water with lemon on an empty stomach

Although its acid taste can prevent us from enjoying all the benefits of lemons (since they do not like all people mainly for this reason), there is no doubt that it is an extremely powerful food in terms of its contribution in properties and protective, curative and medicinal qualities. Among these qualities, its action stands out above all antiviral Y antibacterial, so that it is an ideal food when it comes to increasing the defenses.

An especially useful and recommended option when enjoying each and every one of the properties of the lemon is preparing each morning a cup of warm water and lemon. It is a natural remedy that a Hindu teacher recommended me some time ago, and in just a few days I was able to discover why it is so beneficial and important.

Benefits of drinking warm water with lemon on an empty stomach

Excellent depurative

The lemon is one of the most depurative fruits that exist. A virtue that it shares with other purifying fruits, as for example is the case of orange, a benefit that joins its diuretic action, thanks to its citric acid content.

For this reason it is an ideal fruit for eliminate toxins and impurities that have been accumulating in our body, in addition to helping positively when regulate our metabolism. For these two main reasons it becomes an ideal drink to take on an empty stomach, as we get up.

In addition, by providing antioxidants it is ideal for prevent and avoid the negative action of free radicals.

Digestive qualities

The lemon juice fasting helps regulate the pH levels of our digestive system, so that if we also combine it with a little hot water it is ideal to relieve many of the common digestive disorders, such as gas and flatulence, heartburn, heavy digestion and nausea.

On the other hand, it is also known that it helps the process of Natural cleansing of the intestine, so that it also acts -as we indicated previously- to eliminate toxins.

Ideal to purify the liver

The warm water with lemon is a wonderful liver scrubber, so that it becomes an ideal remedy for those who need to cleanse the liver quickly and naturally, an action that is advisable to carry out at least once a year.

Therefore, this remedy is interesting for those suffering from liver problems, such as fatty liver, which consists of the accumulation of fat in the liver, either by habitual consumption of alcoholic beverages or by overweight and obesity.

This quality joins their ability to encourage the production of bile, so that it is also useful when it comes to eliminate gallstones.

Preventive of diseases and infections

Since hot water with lemon helps when purifying and cleaning the liver, as well as encouraging the production of bile, it is an ideal remedy that helps prevent diseases, since it is a wonderful blood scrubber.

As indicated in the previous lines, being a very rich antioxidant beverage, it is useful to protect our cells from certain diseases, such as, for example, prevention of certain types of cancer.

Stimulant of the immune system

There is no doubt that lemons are especially rich in vitamin C. In fact, 100 grams of lemons provide 53 mg. of vitamin C. It is a fruit that helps stimulate the immune system, being especially useful to strengthen the immune system and increase the defenses in a completely natural way.

Of course, unlike what has always been thought, this vitamin does not prevent or cure the flu or the cold, but it is effective in reducing its duration and relieve symptoms. However, lemon does contribute saponin, which provides a very interesting antimicrobial action in the prevention of the most common diseases of autumn and winter.

Useful to alkalize the body

The lemon is an ideal food to alkalize the body, being an acidic food that when entering our organism and being metabolized it becomes alkaline, helping naturally alkalize the blood Y balance the pH levels.

Therefore, drinking hot lemon juice with water every day helps in a positive way when eliminate the total acidity of our body.

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Drinking Water on Empty Stomach in the Morning (March 2023)