Why fat appears in the hair: main causes

The Greasy hair It is due to multiple factors ranging from genetics to improper use of shampoos. The fat can cause problems in the hair, beyond that it looks dirty and straight, although it is washed daily.

The skin will be drier and this causes the appearance of acne on the face, on the scalp or neck. To better prevent, we offer a selection of possible causes.

Main causes of oily hair

Hormonal problems

One of the causes of why a hair looks greasy and dirty, even if it is not, can be caused by hormonal effects. It is usually in certain moments of life or even in the month, because many women tend to have thinner and more greasy hair when they are menstruating.

In other cases it can occur at puberty, pregnancy, menopause, or when there is a hormonal imbalance and excess sebum occurs. When there are hormonal issues it is easier for the problem to disappear or it can be treated with medicines, natural remedies and a good diet so that the hormones are balanced.

Daily wash

Although thinking that washing your hair daily makes it look cleaner, this is not entirely true. Some hairs do not need to be washed daily because they break down, and you can also remove the protective oils from the hair. So, for those who have oily hair, it is advisable to wash your hair only once or twice a week.

Inappropriate shampoo

Some people also suffer from oily hair by using a totally inappropriate shampoo. It can be for dry, or thick hair, and not for fatty and fine hair. Now, with the amount of shampoos, for each type of hair on the market, we have it easier to choose the right one.

Here the solution is also easy, and we can even go to our hairdresser to analyze the hair and say what shampoo is the perfect one for our hair.

Too many conditioners and masks

The use of the mask is perfect for repairing hair. However, if the conditioner is applied excessively, the hair may be greased more than normal. This usually happens, especially when the hair already has a tendency to grease. The use of the conditioner will be done twice a week or once a month, depending on the type of hair.

Inadequate feeding

A balanced diet is the basis for the body to be healthy but also affects the outside and the skin. With the intake of adequate vitamins and minerals, the nails, bones and scalp are strengthened. Some foods can develop an excess of fat production.

Fruits, together with vegetables, fish, cereals, dairy products and red meat, once a week, constitute a good diet.

Medications and diseases

Other causes are due to the possible intake of certain medications that leave the hair more smooth and straight than normal, and increases the fat of it. While some diseases have side effects and increase the production of sebum in the scalp. In this case, the solution to the oily scalp is somewhat more complicated. You should go to the doctor, make tests and controls, and estimate what medications are appropriate.

Seborrheic dermatitis

Although it is a somewhat different problem, it can lead to dandruff and fat, so the hair can suffer. Basically, seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin disorder that affects the scalp, causing scaling, itchy skin, redness and dandruff. This must be cured or treated thanks to the doctor, who will establish the steps to follow.

Less use of hair products

So that the hair is not greased, it is better to stop using gels, foams, lacquers ... because they damage the hair by accumulating residues in it and leaving it much more greasy. A lot of these products carry oils and others, and they do not benefit the oily hair. ThemesHair

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