Why pineapple is useful for weight loss and weight loss

If there is a known and popular food in slimming diets, the pineapple It stands out precisely above many other fruits. Because of its low caloric content and because it is rich in fiber and water, there is no doubt that pineapple It is extremely beneficial and ideal for both slim down as for lose weight.

We are without a doubt before a delicious and characteristic tropical fruit, typical of the summer months where its water content make it a refreshing and rehydrating option, so interesting and useful in the hottest days.

Originally from Paraguay and Brazil, nowadays we can easily find it in many places in the world. It is, as you surely know, a fruit easily distinguishable, with its rough greenish-yellow skin, its oval shape and its peculiar crown.

There are many benefits of pineapple for slim down, which means that it is a fruit that can not be missing in our daily diet, as long as - of course - we can find it in the market (for example, its ideal period is summer).

But what are the properties of pineapple and why is it ideal when losing weight ?.

Slimming properties of pineapple

Rich in water

There's no doubt the pineapple stands out in the first place for its tremendous water content. In fact, the vast majority is water, so a medium-sized pineapple contains 85% water.

This very high water content translates into something very simple: not only will it help hydrate you and quench your thirst, but it is extremely useful for increase satiety, something interesting in slimming diets where precisely chopping between hours becomes a huge problem.

Provides very few calories

When following a weight loss diet, the main objective is to lose weight. For this it is necessary to opt for the vast majority of foods with a low intake of fat, and above all, with a low caloric intake.

In the particular case of pineapple, it is a tremendously low calorie fruit, given that 100 grams of this fruit contribute only 55 calories.

High fiber content

The pineapple stands out for its high fiber content, which is essential not only to improve intestinal transit and prevent or reduce common problems in this regard as for example is the case of constipation.

The fiber also helps to purify our organism, a very interesting quality in weight loss diets.

It is a very digestive fruit

Pineapple is tremendously rich in enzymes with digestive qualities, as for example is the case of bromelain.

Thanks to the presence of enzymes like this the pineapple is a very popular fruit for its properties to help us digest food (especially those that have a high content of animal proteins, as for example is the case of meat), as well as to avoid digestive and intestinal discomfort.

It helps eliminate liquids and toxins

Because of its content both in fiber and water, the pineapple is ideal as a depurative and detoxifying fruit, so that not only is it adequate to help our body eliminate toxins, but it is also interesting when it comes to preventing fluid retention.

How to eat pineapple in slimming diets?

The truth is that pineapple is a very versatile fruit that can be eaten practically at any time of the day. In fact it is perfectly combined with salty foods, so it can be easily added in different recipes by providing a tremendously delicious bittersweet flavor.

In case it is consumed fresh, as you surely know, it is necessary to remove the small fibrous and hard trunk that it has inside. Yes, It is advisable to eat the whole pineapple on the same day it starts, to prevent it from spoiling.

How to make a pineapple juice to lose weight

Pineapple juice is a tremendously delicious drink, ideal for any time of the day and especially during the summer months, because it helps us to hydrate and quench thirst and heat.

Its preparation is very simple. We only need half a medium pineapple. We must remove its shell with care not to cut and its internal stem. Then cut it into pieces, place them in the glass of the blender and liquefy them for a few minutes. Ready!. You can drink it now This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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