Why the blows to the testicles can be dangerous

As for women, ovariesare considered as the female gonads, in the case of man this role is fulfilled by the testicles. That is to say, the testicles are the male gonads, responsible for and responsible for the production of both male sex hormones (androgens) and sperm.

And what are the gonads? Basically we could define them as the reproductive organs that produce the gametes (or sex cells), as well as the sex hormones themselves. That is, they tend to behave like endocrine organs, since in their internal secretion they produce hormones that exert their own action in the organs that ultimately intervene in the reproductive function.

In the particular case of the testicles, being located outside the body, it is extremely common that they suffer injuries or blows. Moreover, they are considered as one of the most delicate areas of the body of man, being extremely sensitive not only to touch, but also to pressure, as a consequence of not being protected by muscles or bones.

The main reason why the testicles are located outside the body is due to one of its main functions: ensure that sperm are produced normally, since the testicles must be at a temperature lower than the average of the organism so that its production is normal, around 2ยบ C less.

Why can a blow to the testicle be serious?

A blow to the testicle may actually be more serious than you think because it can cause a testicular torsion, which consists of the torsion of the spermatic cord, which can be very serious since it could cause a lack of oxygenation in the cells of the testicle.

This deficit of oxygen can cause necrosis, and eventually lead to an almost total loss of the different functions of the testicle.

There are some symptoms that can alert about the possible presence of a testicular torsion. The most common are: very intense and violent pain that usually appears suddenly, especially after receiving the blow; evident and significant increase in the volume of the testicle; and depending on the pain, nausea and vomiting.

The symptoms that can indicate the existence of a serious problem

As we indicated before, there are a series of signs, signs or symptoms that may indicate that, indeed, the testicular blow has been seriously serious, and that you are at risk of suffering greater problems in case of not diagnosing the injury quickly and applying a treatment on time.

Pay special attention to the following symptoms:

  • Strong and intense pain that appears abruptly and does not disappear with the passage of minutes.
  • Appearance of a hematoma in the scrotum.
  • Increase in testicular volume

In the face of any of these symptoms It is essential and essential to go to the doctor quickly.

What to do if you have received a blow to the testicles?

If you have received a blow to the testicles, it is essential to bear in mind that, depending on whether the stroke has been mild or rather strong, it may be advisable to go to the emergency department in order to rule out the existence of a possible testicular torsion.

Precisely, if there is a testicular torsion, it is necessary to perform a surgery in order to avoid damage to the testicle is greater. And for this procedure to be effective, it is very important that the surgery be carried out within 6 hours after having suffered the blow.

It is usual that when going to the emergency room after a blow to the testicles, the doctor orders an ultrasound or a Doppler examination in order to analyze the testicle and observe the lesion. Thus, depending on the state, it can immediately lead to the evacuation of any present hematoma, and the performance of a surgery if there is torsion.

In fact, if a torsion has not occurred, it is equally common for them to arise bruises, caused directly by the injury of the blood vessels. In this case it is equally essential to go to the doctor or to the emergency room, since said hematoma must be quickly evacuated.

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