Why the hair straightener is not as good for your hair as you think

If we talk about different tools that help many women when it comes to styling their hair and giving them a renewed and different look, there is no doubt that the one known as hair iron It is probably one of the most helpful, used and popular. Why? Fundamentally because, thanks to it, a woman with wavy hair can quickly enjoy perfectly smooth and soft hair.

It is, as we see, a very popular tool, especially used especially in those with fluffy and wavy hair. And, in this sense, there are those who use it from time to time (rarely we could say), and who tend to use it almost every day.

If this is your case, it is quite possible that at some time you have wondered about whether the use of the iron on your hair is safe, whether or not it can cause damage, and if it is especially risky to use it daily.

How do hair straighteners work?

Our hair, specifically each of our hairs, are formed by keratin, a protein formed in turn by a series of amino acids tremendously rich in sulfur. These amino acids form a series of disulfide bonds, consisting of chains that bind a sulfur atom to another atom that is close to it.

In this sense, both the number and the very nature of the bonds that are formed in the keratin hair fibers are actually determined in a genetic manner.

However, did you know that if we apply enough heat on the hair we may be able to break these bonds? Specifically, When applying heat on the hair we tend to break or deform the bonds that the hair presents naturally.

Then, by keeping the hair tight while cooling it by not applying heat, we tend to force the new bonds to end up forming at our complete will.

In this way, as many beauty experts say, at higher temperatures the hair does not get smoothed faster, but a constant but lower heat tends to work much better, since the use of heat above that considered as the optimum temperature for the correct ironing of the hair is harmful.

Is it bad for our hair to use hair irons?

Some studies have found that these bonds begin to break from 70ºC. But the truth is that, in reality, most hair straighteners tend to maintain and reach a temperature that ranges between 120 to 185 ° C. There are even brands whose hair plates exceed this temperature.

According to those same scientific studies, did you know that if we apply to our hair a temperature higher than 190 degrees we will actually end up burning it? This temperature drops to 130 grams if, in addition to using the hair iron, you have used a hair dye, smoothed or permanent, chemically processing.

Moreover, there are many experts who believe that It is not suitable or beneficial for the health of your hair to use the hair iron more than 2 or 3 times a week, since excessive use can cause the hair cuticle to weaken. And the final result will be the least expected: dry, frizzy, brittle hair, rough to the touch and with split ends.

Further, It is extremely important to use a permanent conditioner or a protective product which ultimately helps when it comes to protecting hair from heat. Something that, in reality, few women take into account every time they use the hair iron.

Useful tips when using the hair iron

It is very important to prepare the hair for the ironing of the hair, and above all to know how to do it so that ultimately the hair is able to withstand the powerful impact of the high temperatures.

On the one hand, it is fundamental wash your hair with a quality shampoo and then apply a permanent conditioner. Then, when you have damp hair, apply evenly a suitable product for ironing the hair, which acts as a thermal protector.

On the other hand, remove all moisture present in the hair drying it very well. In this way you will prevent the hair from burning out and the hair fibers from weakening practically instantly.

To finish, if you have normal hair it is advisable that the temperature of the iron oscillate between 170º to 180º (never exceeding 190º), and if your hair is very fine or has been dyed that does not exceed 130º. ThemesHair