Why we should eat good quality traditional bread instead of low cost bread

Who does not like bread? Almost no one can resist having a delicious loaf of freshly baked bread, hot, smoky, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. And, above all, if the dough with which the bread is made is of good quality, and not the one that unfortunately we find today in most "bakeries" where bread of very low quality is sold at really low prices.

And it is that as Marco Gobbetti, expert in masses mother and recognized for being an authentic world authority in biotechnology of fermented masses, in addition to being a great defender of what is known asslow dough bread which has been working for more than 25 years in the development and research of mother masses, it is not the same to opt for a bread that is made with a fermented dough in barely half an hour than to opt for a bread whose fermentation process has been a minimum of 16 hours.

And there is no doubt, as we will see throughout the present note, that finding ourselves in front of a good quality bread with a fast fermentation made with poor quality flours is noticeable, and much. For example, we have only to look at how poor quality bread is a day after purchased, how it is preserved, and compare it with good quality bread.

It does not have the same nutritional properties or flavor, given that "with this bread we can get a range of aromas and flavors very similar to that achieved with a good wine. Up to 200 aromatic notes can be detected, both in the crust and in the crumb ».

The benefits of opting for a traditional bread instead of a fast-fermented bread

It keeps more and better

If you have already bought and tried many of the breads that are sold today in supermarkets and in bread shops (not bakeries) where you can find offers of 6 or 8 loaves of bread at 1 euro, you probably noticed how bad it is. just a few hours after buying it. And we do not tell you if we wait for the next day.

The difference is obvious: while cheap bread is made with a fast fermentation dough, the traditional bread is made from sourdough, which is what gives it more flavor, more aroma and above all better conservation.

It's more, maintains the same quality even up to 2 days after buying it, which leads to an obvious saving because good quality bread tends to last longer.

It digests much better

From a scientific point of view it has been proven on several occasions that bread made with sourdough is digested much better and more easily compared to that made with common yeast. Basically with the use of the sourdough the presence of these good bacteria is enhanced.

Why? Very simple: in the fermentation that takes place during the elaboration of the sourdough, all the bacteria are nourished by starches. This makes it maltose, and therefore digestion is much easier and simpler.

These same bacteria, which are only found in bread that is made with sourdough, offer the possibility of producing the phytase, an important enzyme for the proper functioning of our intestines.

Does not contain the same nutritional properties

It is evident that a common bread made without mother dough, only with normal yeast, will not have the same nutritional characteristics and the same nutritional contribution as, for example, a good quality bread that is made with sourdough.

Simply by the fact that the qualities provided by the fermentation of the sourdough is only an advantage that should lead us to belittle the bad quality bread, and ultimately pay the few cents that separate a good quality bread for a low cost .

With information from ABC This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

Why Sourdough Bread Is Better Than Most Breads (June 2022)