Witch hazel water for skin and eyes: benefits, properties and uses

The witch hazel is a genus of four species of plants which belong to the family Hamamelidaceae. Of these four, two are found in North America, one in China and one in Japan. They consist of deciduous shrubs and also of small trees, which can reach between 3 to 8 meters. Its leaves are characterized by being alternate and oval, with characteristic wavy or smooth margins, with a beautiful flower of four petals that can be yellow, orange or red.

It is a shrub whose leaves and bark are traditionally used in the preparation of different beauty recipes, thanks above all to its qualities astringents. In fact, its use must be exclusive on the skin, its consumption not advisable since it presents many contraindications. For this reason the aboriginal Indian population considered it as a plant of the devil, and with good reason. However, if consumed in small quantities we can enjoy its healing qualities, but without overdoing it or consuming it for a long time.

From witch hazel you can get and prepare the one known as witch hazel, a very interesting traditional remedy to enjoy its different benefits on the skin, becoming an excellent tonic which can be used every day.

The benefits of witch hazel water for the skin

Excellent astringent tonic

On a previous occasion we explained how to make a astringent lemon and witch hazel tonic. And it is that this plant or shrub stands out precisely for being a natural astringent remedy very interesting, especially useful at the time of reduce inflammation.

Closes open pores, useful in case of acne

Witch hazel water is an appropriate natural remedy if we have the open pores, since it helps to close them easily and simply. To enjoy this quality it is necessary to make a smooth paste with wheat flour, and apply it on the skin of the clean face, leaving it to dry until it is removed and then with warm water.

This quality is very interesting against acne and if you also have the oily skin, since helping to close the pores prevents the grains from leaving or when they are present they become infected.

Relieves tired legs and pain

If you suffer from poor circulation in the legs, you feel the heavy and tired legs as a result of fluid retention or having been standing for a long time, or feeling pain in the legs, witch hazel water is useful to alleviate all these conditions, since improves circulation, decreasing both pain and swelling.


The couperose consists of the appearance of small capillaries that when dilated form appearances similar to spider webs, commonly in the area of ​​the nose and on the cheeks. If you suffer from this condition, exercise a venotonic action, very useful to alleviate the presence of small capillaries or veins visible in both the face and the body.

The properties of witch hazel for the eyes

As we have seen, the properties of witch hazel skin are as amazing as they are amazing, but they are not the only ones. In fact, witch hazel water also stands out for its Benefits for usual problems in the eyes, especially in the area around the eyes. We explain the most important ones.

Improves dark circles and tired eyes

If you have dark circles due to tiredness or your eyes look tired and exhausted you will probably find in the witch hazel a wonderful ally. Why? Very easy: the water of witch hazel refrigerated helps to improve the dark circles at the same time that it alleviates the sensation of tired eyes.


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