Wonderful trivia about Halloween

Halloween It is one of the most popular festivities (most of all popular American parties) by many people, mainly because it becomes a moment to share with our family and friends.

It is, in fact, a popular party that tends to attract a lot more and more people, especially due to its mysterious or enigmatic characteristics.

It is also known as the Halloween night, so we get an idea if we do not know to some extent what it is Halloween.

Halloween origin

Halloween It has its origins in two ancient festivities: the Celtic festival of Samhain (which celebrated the end of the harvest season), and the Christian holiday of All Saints' Day, which is still celebrated today throughout Spain and other places in the world.

Although it was originally considered a secular festival with a great religious background, due mainly to the fact that some Irish immigrants transmitted various versions of the tradition to North America during the 1840s, today it is much more than that.

And what is the origin of dressing up in Halloween?

Although the tradition of dressing up on Halloween may come to be regarded as a relatively recent tradition, the truth is that it is a custom that, it is said, was born between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in ancient France.

More specifically, during the celebration of the typical Feast of All Saints, at a time when Europe was suffering from the bubonic plague, a disease that caused not only thousands of deaths, but an increase in fear of death by the majority of Catholics.

This caused many "masses" for the deceased to multiply, and even to be born artistic representations that reminded people when they were alive.

It is finally a few centuries later when that custom becomes a characteristic element of Halloween, so that many people begin to disguise themselves as ghosts, vampires, devils ...

Trick or Treating?

It is the night of October 31 when one of the most anticipated festivities of the year is celebrated, especially by most American children: Halloween.

In this sense, one of the most common customs on the part of children and adults (rather on the part of children), is to dress up in the most terrifying costumes and walk the streets assaulting the houses of neighbors with a funny expression: Trick or Treating.

The origin of Trick or Treating (trick or treat in English) is a custom that owes its origin to the persecution of Protestants against Catholics in England, particularly in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Due to these persecutions, James I (Protestant King) and his parliament, were victims of an attempted attack. But the plan failed when Guy Fawkes, one of the organizers, spoke under the pressure of the executioners and betrayed his companions, being later executed.

All this gave rise to a custom, of a more or less burlesque character, by means of which gangs of Lutherans, who protected their identity under gloomy masks, celebrated the date of the discovery of the betrayal.

To do this, they visited Catholic homes and demanded cakes and beer.

That said, finally the custom moved to America and went to October 31, joining the party of Halloween.

The symbolism of the black cat on Halloween

Although the black catIn many ancient peoples and civilizations, was considered a divine animal, especially in the Egyptian world, the Celts come to consider it as a cursed animal, which in fact they are very afraid.

They believed that black cats they were the feline form that some people adopted when they had become demons.

In Halloween, the black cat it also has a certainly prominent role. It is considered a disguise that the same witches use to walk quietly through the streets of the city.

For this main reason, it is common that there is a very popular phrase during the night of October 31, which says that if a black cat crosses in front of you, you will have bad luck.

How to celebrate Halloween?

At the time of celebrate Halloween, you can consider a series of basic tips or tricks:

  • At home: It is one of the fundamental characteristics, because we can decorate it to our liking. For example, a good idea is to celebrate a delicious and terrifying dinner in the company of family or friends. For this, the most advisable is to decorate your house especially for the occasion.
    Today you can find a good variety of decorative elements and products that help you to put your house in tune: diabolical or vampiric dolls, candles and mysterious candle holders, effects of haze ...
  • At work: Although at work we may not have as much decorative freedom as at home, it is a good idea to hold a small party with our co-workers. Even if they go further, you can consider holding a small party with costumes and everything.
  • At school: There is no doubt that this day is the day of the little ones. Today, in fact, many schools and schools organize children's parties in which children should dress up for the occasion.

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