Yarrow: discover its properties, remedies and contraindications

The yarrow is a medicinal plant that belongs to the family of Compositae " and its scientific name is Achillea millefolium ". This medicinal plant is considered one of the most potent diaphoretic plants that exist in the plant world, which makes it an effective plant to combat febrile conditions.

In addition to the diaphoretic property this plant has other medicinal properties such as tonic, astringent, antidiarrheal, hypotensive, emmenagogue, hepatoprotective, digestive, stimulant, anticatarral, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antimicrobial.

In addition, the parts of the plant that are used are the aerial parts and its active principles are basically the bitter alkaloid and the essential oil (around 0.5% approximately).

The harvest of this plant is done when it is in bloom, usually blooming in early summer and early fall.

Once collected, they are left to dry in the shade and once dry they can be stored in clean glass containers or bags with airtight seal.

The Yarrow can be obtained in herbalists, parapharmacies and natural products stores. In addition, we can find them in different formats such as dried plant, extract, juice and creams.

The benefits of yarrow

In addition to reducing fever, the yarrow is also used as an effective medicinal plant to treat, alleviate or cure other conditions such as those detailed below:

  • To decrease high blood pressure.
  • To promote the process of digestion.
  • To improve cases of infection in the urinary tract like cystitis.
  • To promote blood circulation.
  • To reduce diarrhea.
  • In external use to heal wounds.
  • To relieve the pains of premenstrual syndrome.
  • To regulate the menstrual cycle.
  • Improve cases of dysmenorrhea.
  • Decrease menstrual hemorrhages.
  • To improve the symptoms associated with menopause.
  • To improve varicose veins and hemorrhoids.
  • To improve or relieve the symptoms associated with the cold.
  • To relieve joint pain, in ailments such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, rheumatism, (external use).
  • To improve acne, and oily skin of the face (external use).

Yarrow is also known as the allied plant of women for its benefits in the gynecological field.

3 natural remedies with Yarrow

Infusion of Yarrow to improve symptoms associated with menopause


  • One cup of mineral water or 200 ml. From mineral water.
  • A teaspoon of dried grass of Yarrow


We put the water to boil in a saucepan. Once it starts to boil add the teaspoon of Yarrow. Turn off the heat, cover the infusion and let it rest for 10 minutes. We fill the infusion, let it warm and then we will take it, or if it is preferred cold we will let it cool down.

If you prefer the infusion with sweet touch we can add a little honey, a teaspoon of whole sugar, or stevia. From this infusion we can have a cup a day.

Infusion of Yarrow for acne

In the case of acne or to improve the fat on the skin of the face we will prepare an infusion of Yarrow following the steps above. Once the infusion is made and melted, let it cool.

Wet a compress or gauze sterilized in the infusion and pass it gently through the face, or on the affected areas with acne and let dry naturally.

We can repeat this remedy 2 or 3 times a week, in the mornings and at night.

Infusion of Yarrow to relieve premenstrual pain

One of the properties of this medicinal plant is to be anti-inflammatory, many women suffer painful episodes due to inflammation or congestion of the area, a few days before or during the days of menstruation.

To relieve those pains and reduce inflammation the infusion of Yarrow comes in handy.

Prepare the infusion with a teaspoon of dried Yarrow herb and a cup of mineral water. We put the water to heat in a saucepan until it starts to boil. When it begins to boil we add the Yarrow and put out the fire. Cover the infusion and let it rest for 10 or 15 minutes. We fill the infusion and we will take it warm.

We will sweeten the taste if it is preferred with a sweet touch. To sweeten choose what you like, a little honey, whole sugar, stevia. We can take an infusion 3 times a day, while we are going through premenstrual or menstrual symptoms.

Contraindications of the Yarrow

Before preparing any natural remedy with this medicinal plant it is better to let yourself be guided and follow the guidelines and advice of the therapists specialist in this field.

The yarrow used with the doses and the way in which they prescribe it is not harmful, except for people who have presented allergies to the plants of the family of the Composed

On the other hand, the Yarrow is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • In case of pregnancy.
  • During the period of lactation.
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