Yogurt with figs and honey: the ideal dessert for this fall

If we asked you about a characteristic food of the autumnal months, mainly because it is a seasonal food of autumn, which would come first to your head? The chestnuts? The mushrooms? Or maybe the figs? But it is true that we can also find other delicious foods, especially fruits, such as quinces, persimmons, grapes and pomegranates.

The figs They stand out for being a sweet fruit, with delicate flavor that we can find from late summer (approximately around the last weeks of September) until the beginning of autumn. Its soft flesh and thin skin make it a delicious fruit, whose nutritional qualities make it an ideal food for the autumn months thanks to its energy contribution.

We can find them in the fig trees with a purple or violet color when they are already ripe and at a perfect time for consumption, or with green color when they have not yet fully matured. Moreover, we can find the first fruit of the fig tree at the end of spring, although at this moment they are known by the name of brevas.

We can also consume dried figs, which basically consist of figs that have been subjected to a drying process that reduces their water content and increases their nutritional value, especially their contribution in simple carbohydrates. Therefore, they stand out for being ideal for providing energy quickly to our body.

When it comes to eating figs it is true that we can consume them alone or accompanied by other foods, since they stand out precisely because of their great and wide versatility. This means that we can combine them with other foods to enjoy new and delicious flavors, and also to expand their nutritional qualities. An example is the wonderful yogurt with figs and honey.

The properties of yogurt with figs and honey

If there is a very complete food, ideal for the autumn months due to its different nutritional qualities, that is the yogurt with figs and honey, mainly for its incredible nutritional wealth (with a high intake of vitamins, minerals and energy very appropriate for this time), in addition to its flavor and because they are three foods that combine perfectly.

We are in front of a dessert very rich in vitamins of group B, an indispensable essential nutrient at the time of maintaining a good health of our nervous system. For its richness in these essential nutrients and its energy contribution It is ideal to prevent or reduce autumnal asthenia, which arises during the first weeks after the beginning of autumn and appears with symptoms such as physical weakness, low mood and low vitality. In fact, It is very rich in sugars.

It is also useful for regulate intestinal transit, being very appropriate at the time of reduce or prevent occasional constipation, thanks to the fiber content of the figs. While yogurt, by providing healthy bacteria, becomes an ideal food for maintain good health of our intestinal flora.

How to prepare yogurt with figs and honey

To prepare this delicious dessert you only need a natural yogurt, 2 or 3 figs and honey to sweeten it.

First put the yogurt in a bowl or bowl. If you want a texture more creamy you can beat it a little before. Wash the figs well and cut them in half, or cut them into smaller pieces. Add them over the yogurt and mix well with a spoon. Then add honey on top. Ready!.

In case you do not like honey, or can not eat it, opt for panela. It will give you a different and unique flavor.

Fresh Figs with Yogurt | Cooksmart | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana (December 2022)