You are the captain of your own life

From the moment we are born we are accompanied by our parents and loved ones in general. When we get older, we get to know more people in the form of friends and college colleagues who serve us to have fun and in part to develop our social skills.

When we reach puberty, it is time to get to know our first love that allows us to explore both our sexuality and the deepest feelings that occur within a person ... All this accompanied by more friends from both our social and professional fields .

Does this mean that we will always be always accompanied? Nothing is further from reality. Although we have always been postulated as social beings by nature, at the moment of truth we will be alone "in the face of danger". That is why it is very important to be as independent as we are the captains of that ship called "life".

We are the owners of our own acts

We are very likely to be most pessimistic whenever any mishap occurs. However, many times we do not realize that we are the owners of our own acts. Therefore, it does not make much sense to blame third parties or simply to our bad luck every time we have any problem,

We must be consistent with our actions. It is these and not the words that define and develop our personality. In the same way that a potter takes clay and moderates it with his own hands. It does not matter how long it takes. Sooner or later you will have the shape you want. Well the same happens with our actions. It does not matter what we want to be in a way and our actions say that we are something completely contrary. Sooner or later these will define us how we are and how we will act in the future.

We have the right to err

Having said that, we do not mean that you have to be completely perfect. There will be things beyond our control. In this sense, sometimes we can not do anything about it. And therefore we should not be cheated with it either. In fact, we also have every right to make mistakes and err many times throughout our lives. It is part of our DNA, our idiosyncrasy and our way of being. Without the error we would not be human.

Although you have to see the positive side of things. Many of these missteps will also help us to know each other better as a person. And in fact they will be most useful to know what our virtues and defects are. From there, we will know better how to act in any type of situation.

And we'd better do it alone. We can always go to third parties as close relatives or friends so that they advise us. But at the moment of truth we will be those of us who find ourselves "alone before all the dangers" that life puts us on, yes, day too.

In short, although there will be errors that depend solely on us, it is in our hands to try not to fall back on the same stone. We have to learn from them with the aim of leaving much more reinforced.

Be happy thinking about you and others

One of the ways to be happy is through a balance. In it we must put both our personal preferences and those of other people. It is very well that of being an altruistic person and that always goes out of his way in others. However, this can bring us a lot of stress and frustration in the future. It is impossible to make everyone happy. Hence, sometimes you have to learn to say 'NO'.

This is assertiveness. In the ability to express our opinions, feelings and emotions without having to harm the others. In this way, we will realize that we are the owners of our life. The captains of that ship to which we can straighten their course with a simple rudder. Once we get it, we will surely see peace and tranquility on the horizon. This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Psychologist. We advise you to consult your trusted Psychologist.

You Are The Captain Of Your Fate, The Boss Of Your Dreams, The King Of Your Goals (March 2023)