Zinc for the eyes

Within the different antioxidant minerals that can provide important benefits, virtues and properties for the eye care, we find the zinc.

We can find it in foods as delicious, healthy and wonderful as is the case of the magnificent wheat germ, oysters, wholemeal or white beans, among others.

Zinc for eye and eye care

The zinc It is an antioxidant mineral that helps to take care of the eyes, thanks to which it becomes a nutrient certainly essential for the good and correct functioning of the retina.

For this reason, many doctors warn about the possibility that, those elderly people who have zinc deficit, may have a greater risk of suffering DMAE.

However, always the best way to ensure a correct contribution to this mineral is to follow a healthy and balanced diet, based above all on healthy and natural foods, such as wheat germ or whole wheat flour, or legumes such as lentils or white beans.

Precisely to help you in that the zinc rich foods Do not miss your daily diet, then we indicate the foods richest in this mineral.

Foods rich in zinc

  • Wheat germ and wholemeal flour.
  • White beans.
  • Oysters, crayfish and prawns.
  • Lean beef
  • Veal steak.
  • Lentils

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