Cooking on the grill in a healthy way

We know that cook without fat is one of the best options when it comes to choosing a way to healthy cuisine which helps to enjoy, in one way or another, better health.

Among the healthiest forms of cooking without fat we find wok, steamed and express pot.

However, we can also find ourselves with the grill, an ideal technique to prepare meats and fish, but which can also be ideal for vegetables and non-leafy vegetables.

Healthy cooking on the grill

As we outlined in the previous lines, cook on the grill It is one of the oldest techniques to cook fish and meat that exists.

Generally, the food we want to prepare is made on a grate (known as a grill), which in turn is placed over coals, or any source of heat.

While it is true that the food absorbs part of the flavor and aroma of the smoke, they do not need fat to be prepared, since it will be enough to paint the food with a pinch of olive oil.

The grill It is ideal for preparing tender meats, fish, seafood, vegetables.

Of course, we must monitor the preparation of the ingredients, as well as the ignition and the own maintenance of the heat itself.

In case we want to fully enjoy all the properties of the food, the most advisable thing is not to let the food burn, because in this way they can lose virtues. ThemesCooking tricks

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