Cramps: why do they occur?

The Cramps, also known as muscle spasms they are involuntary and painful contractions, which are characterized above all by their brevity in time.

The causes can be multifactorial, ranging from dehydration to nervous or vascular alterations, also through fatigue or certain metabolic alterations.

Regarding the different cramps that can appear in the athlete, they have as a cause a hydroelectrolytic alteration, since when losing fluid by sweating and not recovering, there is a decrease in the different ions that intervene in the neuromuscular contraction process. This produces a failure in the transmission of the nervous impulse, which finally prevents the muscle from relaxing, and causes the appearance of said cramp.

Is it possible to prevent cramps?

As many sports experts and health experts say, the main way to prevent cramps is to maintain proper hydration both before and during sports.

So, for example, if the practice of physical exercise is going to be long, it is best to hydrate with isotonic drinks, which help the correct replacement of electrolytes.

And when the cramp has appeared, what can we do?

When the cramp has already appeared the best thing is to stretch gently, and progressively, the muscle little by little. We can also apply heat in the area, which will help to vasodilate and provide more nutrients to the muscle.

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