How to improve sleep problems easily in 5 steps

The dream It is essential for the proper functioning of our body, and above all to enjoy generally good health. That is why it is important to sleep, and especially to sleep well. It becomes in fact a vital function to be essential, to help repair our body every day, is essential to ensure wakefulness and keep us awake the next day.

And, above all, it becomes something that from a physiological point of view is simply as fundamental as it is necessary. Why? Very simple: it regulates biorhythms and guarantees the correct balance between the different internal biological demands (of our own organism) and the external environment (that which surrounds us).

For this reason during the deep sleep the physical restoration of our body takes place, and during REM sleep the cognitive function acquires importance, which has to do with the processes of learning, memory and concentration; that is, everything that we have learned throughout the day is "stored" in our brain, and finally we are left with what our own organism believes is important.

In many occasions it tends to say that it is best to sleep between 6 to 8 hours. In fact, a few years ago a study carried out by the American Cancer Society and published in the Wall Street Journal He said that it was best to sleep 7 hours a night. However, the National Sleep Foundation of the United States assured that, in reality, a minimum of hours is not necessary every night, but rather that our own internal clock is the one that directly influences the regulation of our sleep (What from a scientific point of view is known as circadian rhythm).

So, a few years ago Gemma Paech, a researcher at the University of South Australia, confirmed in an article published in The Conversation what factors, both internal and external, are those that influence the individual variations of the dream and its duration.

Regarding internal factors, genetics should be taken into account, which has an almost vital impact on the sleep cycle. This means that there are people who need to sleep in shorter cycles and others in longer ones, just as there are more active people in the morning or at night.

With regard to external factors, other agents must be taken into account, such as stress and anxiety that can influence the problems of falling asleep, fatigue and both physical and mental activity.

5 steps to improve sleep quality easily

In this sense Paech offers a total of 5 steps that could be very useful to improve sleep problems we may have, as well as improve the quality of it if we tend not to rest enough or recommended.

1. Go to sleep when you are tired

It is quite likely that you have already noticed that if you go to bed because it has been late but nevertheless you are active and do not feel tired, you will end up tossing and turning in bed and wasting time.

The best? Always go to bed when you are tired, even if it's early.

2. Get a dream diary

It is a very useful option that will help you to know your sleep rhythms. In it you must aim what time have you gone to sleep and what time have you risen.

It is also advisable to aim how many times have you woken up during the night and, after having risen, how did you feel during the next day. These two questions will help you to know the quality of sleep.

3. Avoid the alarm clock

Who does not hate the alarm when their alarm rings in the morning just when we were sleeping? In the beginning it can be complicated, but this researcher advises avoid the alarm clock to get up the next day.

A useful option is to start during the holidays, to avoid falling asleep. Then if you always tend to wake up at the same time your body will get used to it and you will not need the alarm clock anymore.

4. Maintain regular sleep cycles

You should always try to maintain regular sleep cycles. And how is this achieved? In the beginning it can be complicated, but it is enough to try to sleep in a quiet room where no noise wakes us, go to bed avoiding distractions before sleeping like television or mobile phone, and try to dine lightly.

5. During the day enjoy the sun

If every day you enjoy the sunlight your body will get used to having light by day and darkness at night, something that directly influences the quality of sleep. It is what is known as external signals, and they help us to indicate the passage of time.

In fact, when this perception is lost, there is a tendency for our schedules to end up not being synchronized. This article is published for informational purposes only.It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor.

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