Natural nutrition, vital for a healthy and healthy life

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When it comes to following a healthy and healthy lifestyle, it is vital to maintain a food as varied, nutritious and balanced as possible, based especially on the consumption of fresh and seasonal foods, useful to provide our body with all the nutrients it needs every day.

With all this, it is true that in recent years we have been seeing how the trend towards nature has increased significantly. For example, there is a growing number of people who choose to buy food from organic agriculture or livestock, which becomes a wonderful example of how we begin to be more aware of what we eat, and above all, of the place where does what we consume daily come from?

The same goes for the awareness of nature and respect for both animals and the environment. Thus, the number of vegetarians and vegans has increased in recent years. For example, in an article published by the Cadena Ser in February 2017, which gathered the conclusions of the study prepared by Lantern entitled The Green Revolution, it is estimated that "in Spain there are around 3.6 million people (...) who base their diet exclusively, or with a few exceptions, on products of vegetable origin".

Also linked to the publication in the media of different scientific studies that have found that red and processed meats could cause cancer. In fact, the World Health Organization itself cataloged this type of food of animal origin as acarcinogenic food, at the same level as tobacco, asbestos or arsenic. According to the same study that we mentioned above, the consumption of red meat in Spain has fallen by 35% in 2016, according to the Nestlé Observatory of Nutritional Habits and Lifestyle.

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Natural nutrition is the basis for enjoying a healthy life

One of the first most recommended options is to find out what kind of natural food is the most recommended for ourselves (as long as I am allowed redundancy), since it is not the same to follow a specific diet for a person -for example- with diabetes, that for another that suffers from arterial hypertension.

This is so because, although general advice can be given that can be useful for many people, we must take into account those differences not only physiological or constitutional of the person himself, but their personal tastes.

One of the general recommendations that can be made is to eliminate the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, reducing the consumption of animal proteins and saturated fats.

There are a number of healthy culinary traditions (such as Mediterranean diet wave vegetarian) that can serve as bases on which to build our own dietary and dietary model, just as it should look good if the food we consume each day is seasonal or not.

The latter are undoubtedly the most recommended, since they have a greater number of nutrients, benefits and positive health properties. And if, in addition, they are organic food better than better, since they are free of chemicals harmful to the body.

The preparation of the food we are going to take and the way we eat should also be taken into account. For example, it is highly advisable to opt for healthier cooking methods, trying to avoid frying and choosing to roast food in the oven, cooked in water or cooked on the grill.

Following these tips and opting for a natural food you will enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, which will have an impact on the follow-up of a healthy and healthy life.

How should a natural diet be so that it is also of quality?

If we seek to follow a diet based on the consumption of natural foods, which is not only respectful with the environment, but is appropriate for our own health, it is necessary to try to maintain a diet as natural as possible. This obviously includes eliminating completely those foods that include artificial ingredients in their composition.

For example, we should avoid foods that contain artificial additives, such as preservatives, flavors, colorings and unnatural antioxidants.

And, to achieve this, it is necessary to become more responsible consumers and pay special attention to the labeling of those processed foods that we buy in the supermarket, patiently analyzing the ingredients section of the same. What will help us, also, to discover if this food product is healthy or not, especially if we read the nutritional labeling of it and we look at the percentage of carbohydrates in the form of sugars and fats.

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How to choose healthier food products in the supermarket ... An example

We expose a simple example. We go to the supermarket with the intention of buying breakfast cereals. It is quite likely that the healthiest and most nutritious options are found in the shelves of organic or ecological foods (although we must also remember that the fact that a product is organic does not necessarily mean that it is healthy). We are faced with two packages of breakfast cereals.

We analyze the ingredients section and in the two packages we distinguish that the first of the ingredients that appear are the cereals themselves (in this case, oats). However, while in one of the packages we observe that the second ingredient is cornflakes, in the other package we find sugar. So we started to suspect that the contribution of sugar from the second cereal package could be much higher, which can help us to discard it for the first. However, it is enough to turn to the nutritional labeling -aparted "carbohydrates of which sugars" - to leave doubts.

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