When it is not advisable to eat ginseng

The ginseng root It has many attributes and has been used to improve the health of people, these are a multitude of benefits and properties, some of them recognized by medical researchers and others, rather a product of popular tradition, as legends that people have told with the passage of time on this powerful root.

Ginseng is effective to increase physical and mental performance (stimulates mental and memory functions when mental and physical overwork is required), activates the immune system and fight against aging (prolongs the functionality of the organism in elderly people thanks to its effect on the immune system and memory).

But these are not its only qualities, since it is also useful to protect the cardiovascular system (the administration of a certain amount of panax ginseng reduces blood pressure and heart rate), increases the level of insulin, and also prevents the formation of ulcers caused by stress. Also after several studies it was concluded that it fights erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

It can be consumed in very different ways: raw, striped, in capsules, even cooked in delicious recipes (in China for example its consumption is very popular in this way). But there is no doubt that the ginseng tea It is one of the most common and traditional ways.

While most of these have been tested, it is not 100% that ginseng actually has all the benefits listed above, although in the future it is more likely that they will be confirmed.

Although ginseng has all these benefits, it also has a series of contraindications that could indicate that its administration in certain people could be harmful instead of beneficial, in this article we will give you the contraindications to consume this root called ginseng, so that When it comes to consuming it, do not come across unforeseen events that can seriously affect your health.

Contraindications when consuming ginseng

Be careful if you suffer from these conditions or diseases

The effect of ginseng for a diabetic can potentiate the hypoglycemic medications he takes to control his disease. So, It is not a suitable food or recommended for people with diabetes.

The use of ginseng is strongly prohibited for patients hypertensive and those who take drugs that enhance the force of contraction of the heart, since in these cases it can be highly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

Since it has a fairly remarkable action on the immune system could significantly affect people with autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis, therefore, its consumption is strictly prohibited in patients suffering from these diseases.

It can not be used by people who have had or have diseases directly related to estrogen, such as breast cancer and gynecological diseases, since the ginsenosides present in ginseng act like the estrogens found in the body.

Not suitable for the consumption of certain medications

Ginseng can also affect certain medications such as drugs for depression, insulin and drugs that act by weakening the immune system. People who use medications with anti-platelet effects can not use ginseng either.

No recommended foods or beverages together with the consumption of ginseng

Some foods and beverages are highly dangerous to consume along with ginseng, such as coffee, tea, alcohol, bitter orange and vegetables such as ephedra and brush. Why? Very simple: these foods accelerate the nervous system and heart rate, so it could be a potential danger when combined with ginseng root.

Other contraindications to consider

Its use is highly discouraged for children under 12 years and also for pregnant women. Therefore, before consuming it, make sure that the person is the appropriate age for the consumption of the product or that it is not a woman in a pregnant state.

Finally, it should be noted that Ginseng is not for continuous and prolonged use where it will be consumed all year round. Therefore, it is recommended not to take it continuously, but in a cyclical way, this means that you have to alternate your consumption between periods of no more than three months in a row, and then rest for 2 months.

Although ginseng is counterproductive to be consumed by people with the above mentioned characteristics, it has a series of benefits that should be taken advantage of by people who can consume it, since ginseng is a root that can help improve the health of people. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.ThemesFoods

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