30 minutes of exercise

As we explained in detail in a previous article, many and very important are the benefits of the exercise, a healthy practice that, if carried out in a more or less usual way, can help positively when it comes to enjoying a healthier life.

Many people leave the exercise to one side because, in addition to being lazy, they think that it will be very difficult for them to start practicing a little exercise.

Maybe, because the vast majority think that to be able to exercise "really" they should start running without stopping and without resting, and above all, they have to be for at least an hour doing it.

Nothing could be further from the truth. More and more experts agree that with an average of 30 minutes of exercise we get our cardiovascular system activated, at the same time we start losing weight as we move.

30 minutes of exercise to enjoy a more active life

While it is true that the most advisable when it comes to practicing any type of exercise is doing it for at least an hour, the important thing in this regard is to start doing it, and to maintain a more active life.

In case you can not stay longer, and especially for those more lazy people who find it difficult to start exercising, with an average of 30 minutes - to begin with - it could be more than enough.

If it costs you a little, you can start walking. Not taking walks, of course, but walking actively and a little faster than we particularly understand by walking.

We can do it for 30 minutes without stopping, enjoying the scenery and fully enjoying the exercise itself. If you do it every day, you will be checking little by little how the exercise is helping you to be more active, and above all to enjoy its therapeutic virtues for health.

Benefits of practicing 30 minutes of exercise every day

  • It helps to burn fat effectively, being useful to lose weight and lose weight, or even when it comes to keeping it under control.
  • It improves our immune system, increasing the defenses.
  • It is an excellent de-stressing.
  • It helps us to stay more active.
  • Improve our mood
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Is 30 minutes of exercise a day enough to lose weight? (July 2021)