5 definitive tips to avoid cellulite

The cellulitis, we can call it that, it is an aesthetic evil that can also lead to a health problem and that persecutes many women who are already overweight, obese or even thin and practice some sport. In fact, it is estimated that it affects 99% of women.

If we had to define it, we could say that in reality we are facing a subcutaneous tissue disease, which does not always have to be related to excess weight, since it also tends to affect people who maintain a healthy weight.

It consists basically of subcutaneous fat, which is formed in areas where women accumulate more body fat, such as the area of ​​the thighs, belly and hips.

The reason why cellulite appears can be due to several factors among which are problems of blood circulation, genetic, hormonal factors, fluid retention and poor eating habits.

Also called orange peel, it is true that once it appears it is not easy to eradicate it completely, however by changing our habits and lifestyles we can help improve it or prevent it from getting worse.

In fact, although it does not pose a risk to health if we are faced with an obviously aesthetic problem, by modifying outlines and showing an unhealthy appearance.

Below we provide a series of tips, or tips with which we can help improve cellulite. The tips that we provide are to carry them out throughout the year not only when the summer is already close and we run to fix it immediately so that the cellulite disappears.

1. Take care of your diet

Include in your daily diet foods rich in fiber and water such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, help you to combat constipation and have a good functioning of intestinal transit, constipation does not help to fight cellulite.

Avoid drinks that contain caffeine, sugary drinks, alcohol, tobacco, industrial bakery, precooked foods, foods rich in saturated fats. Choose to cook on the grill, steamed or baked, avoid fried and battered.

Reduce the consumption of salt, salt in excess produces liquid retention, so it is advisable to moderate consumption.

Stay well hydrated, drinking at least between 1.5 liters and 2 liters of water per day, which you can alternate with infusions that can help eliminate toxins and fluid accumulation.

Instead of coffee you can have green tea or red tea, they are good allies to help you fight cellulite since it helps you to speed up the metabolism.

Other infusions recommended for cellulite for its depurative properties and that will help us eliminate liquids and toxins are: infusion of horsetail, dandelion, infusion of pineapple, infusion of ulmaria, elderberry infusion.

2. Get physical exercise

Avoid sedentary lifestyle, overweight, practice daily physical exercise moderately and adapted to the characteristics of each person.

Walk at least one hour every day at a moderate pace.

If your physical condition allows you to choose aerobic exercises such as running, walking, swimming, aquarobic, cycling, dancing, team sports, going to a sports center or gym and doing some cardio classes.

Focus on the area that you have affected with cellulite and want to treat and work it.

To do this, do specific exercises to work those areas such as the thighs, buttocks, belly, and hips.

Some of these exercises to work the affected areas mentioned above can even be done at home.

3. Wear comfortable clothes

The clothes that you must wear should be loose, the tight clothes hurt us as it prevents good blood circulation, opt for loose and comfortable clothing that allows you at the same time freedom of movement and that does not oppress you.

The shoes preferably without heel, or a minimum heel size, if you like shoes with a little heel.

You can take a heel of 2.5 centimeters or 4 centimeters, it is the size of ideal and healthy heel according to the advice of podiatrists.

The high heels used continuously, damage blood circulation and can eventually be harmful to the point of causing back pain, back pain, problems in the knees, imbalance, falls, ankle sprains.

4. Beware of some bad habits

Bad habits to sit as it can be the habit of crossing the legs, is a position that favors the appearance or permanence of cellulite, because this position prevents good blood circulation.

When you are sitting, do it correctly with your knees parallel and your feet flat on the floor.

If by the characteristics of your work you have to stay a long time sitting, take advantage whenever you can to get up and stretch your legs.

Walk at the end of your work day at least an hour if you have been sitting for a long time to stimulate blood circulation.

5. Recommendations when using creams

When applying some anti-cellulite cream you must also do it correctly to stimulate blood circulation.

Start first by the feet and then slowly massaging go up until you reach the area of ​​English.

Applying the anti-cellulite cream in this sense, we are doing the perfect route, because it is the route that the blood vessels make.

Although it is difficult to eradicate cellulite altogether, following these tips we can help to improve it a lot, while contributing to take care of our health. ThemesCellulitis

The best definitive tips to avoid cellulite, very easy to do and economic (June 2022)