Are protein shakes good for your health?

Within the denominated as sport Nutrition, we could almost say that if there is a product or food consumed by most athletes when they start training in a gym, they are called protein shakes.

The protein shakes, as we know, they are products with a high protein content, which means that their consumption translates into an extra contribution in proteins.

However, whether you are practicing exercise in a gym habitually and consume these types of products, as if you had in mind to start doing it, it may be interesting to ask yourself the following question: Are protein shakes good for your health?.

Are protein shakes good for your health?

The protein shakes, as indicated above, are nutritional supplements that, as the name suggests, provide a high protein content to the body, usually in serum.

Bearing in mind that, a person who practices exercise in a gym habitually and that follows a balanced and balanced diet is already contributing to the organism the amount of proteins it needs per day, we find that with the consumption of one of these sports products, the contribution would be even greater.

According to traditional medical authorities, an average normal healthy adult does not require consuming more than 1.1 to 1.2 grams of protein per kg. This translates to a person with about 80 kg. of weight, you should consume about 88 to 96 grams of protein distributed between all meals of the day.

Since those protein shakes they would contribute a much greater amount in proteins, it could produce an excess in their consumption, which from 2 gr. per kilo this protein is eliminated by the renal system of our body, which leads to a much slower and heavier digestion, which in the long term could cause serious pathologies, such as renal failure.

For all this, and following the opinions of many experts in nutrition, It is not at all advisable to consume protein shakes, because following a balanced diet an athlete who trains in a gym or with a daily exercise routine, will provide all the protein you need.

And, in addition, you will not be endangering the health of your own body in the long term.

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