Bleach hair

The hair can be considered for many people as something natural and even beautiful, but equally for many people can actually become a certain aesthetic problem.

Currently there is a good variety of highly natural and alternative products that help positively to remove hair without neglecting the protection and natural health of the skin.

One of them is the hair discoloration, an increasingly widespread practice in women and men, and that may be ideal for facial hair and for the one we find in the arms or thighs.

Discoloring body hair

For discolor body hair, it is enough to use a paste with bleaching powder for the hair (that we can find in hairdressers and aesthetics and cosmetics stores), and oxygenated water of 20 volumes.

You must mix both ingredients and, with the help of a brush, brush properly those areas you want to treat.

After 15 minutes, it is best to remove it with warm water, then repeat the action after an hour, if you wish.

Of course, it is not at all recommended that the application remain in our body beyond 20 minutes, as it can cause skin irritation.