Chocolate: benefits and properties that will surprise you

Can any of you live without chocolate? I really do not. And I'll be completely honest in this regard. Every time I arrive from work or dinner party with my friends or relatives, I always love to give myself a little whim before going to sleep in shape of a small ounce of chocolate. Who has not done this before?

It is one of those pleasures of gastronomy, which gives us a series of benefits and properties highlights that, in themselves, interest many people. As a food it is composed of the mixture of sugar with two components from the cocoa seed: a solid matter (the paste of the cocoa) and a fat matera (cocoa butter).

However, you have the preconceived idea that this sweet only serves to gain a few kilos of more and neglect our line. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, there is no doubt that the most beneficial is the dark chocolate, for its greater contribution of cocoa. This food that has cocoa as a base ingredient, also has all kinds of advantages for our health that should not be overlooked. As long as we take it In small quantities.

4 benefits of chocolate

In one way or another, we found it interesting to detail what are the nutritional benefits offered by chocolate so that dismantling certain myths that have been developed around this candy that has millions of followers around the world will be dismantled.

An inexhaustible source of antioxidants

As its name suggests, the Antioxidants will help us to ensure that our whole body is always much stronger. These beneficial components are found right in the cocoa butter that is produced when making chocolate.

To this we must also add the great index of polyphenols that also have a clearly antioxidant objective within our organism. With all these elements we can significantly delay the aging process within our body.

Rich in iron

Numerous scientific studies have shown that a certain amount of chocolate may contain more iron than beans. This means that this candy can help us prevent certain diseases like anemia. As well promotes the production of red blood cells so that more oxygen reaches our blood.

This is because during the chocolate making process the cocoa is fermenting, process in which the production of iron is released, which, as we have already mentioned, offers a multitude of benefits for our health.

Help reduce cholesterol levels

Yes, friends of NatureVia. Although it seems utopian, dark chocolate can also help us to reduce the level of cholesterol in blood. If taken in a moderate and healthy way, cocoa is a great source of Oleic acid, a component that promotes the production of good cholesterol. While at the same time it is getting rid of the bad guy.

In this way, can be a great ally for all those who suffer from this condition, which unfortunately is increasingly common in men and women of any age.

Chocolate does not encourage the appearance of cavities

Surely during your childhood, all your parents advised you not to drink as much chocolate as otherwise you would see many cavities. However, this myth has already collapsed hundreds of times and it has not been proven that cocoa is linked to the appearance of these black spots.

What's more, when we consume cocoa, this It usually does not stay stuck in the dental cavities and therefore it is very unlikely that they cause cavities. Although it is another issue that that particular chocolate comes with too much added sugar or caramel, some ingredients that can have negative consequences for our oral health.

Properties of chocolate, in short

  • It helps us move the depression: helping us to feel better, improving the mood mainly in the symptoms of the pre-menstrual period.
  • Intensifies the libido, especially the sexual desire in women, giving it as an aphrodisiac essence only for women.
  • It is an antioxidant, vitamins are very beneficial for our health because cocoa is one of the foods with the highest level of magnesium.
  • It strengthens our heart, because chocolate contains flavonoids, a basic component that helps us avoid congestion of the arteries and prevents us from attacks against the heart and effusions.

Nutritional values ​​of chocolate in figures

100 grams of chocolate provide:

  • Very energetic food, by providing 500 kcal per 100 grams.
  • 65% of carbohydrates.
  • 25% fat.
  • 5% protein
  • It contains minerals, such as calcium (when chocolate is with milk), or magnesium.
  • It contains few vitamins and no fiber.

Some tricks to enjoy chocolate in a healthy way

We are very sure that after reading all the advantages of chocolate, you have entered an imperious desire to eat it. But beware! As we have already told you, it has to be consumed with some moderation. Therefore, through this last paragraph we are going to give you a series of guidelines so that you enjoy them a healthy and delicious way :

  • Better pure chocolate than with milk. The first one has a caloric intake that is much lower than the white one or to which milk or artificially added saturated fats are added.
  • One or two ounces a day. It is the sufficient quantity with which you will be able to benefit from all the advantages offered by chocolate without having to neglect the line.

As long as chocolate is consumed in moderation it will not cause any other type of problem, but rather Benefits that will help us stay healthy. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesChocolate

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