How to make ricotta cheese crepes

With the name of crepe, crep, crepe or with its original French name crepe, we know a wonderful dough usually made with wheat flour, which is given a disk shape, approximately 15 to 16 centimeters in diameter.

It is served as a dessert accompanied by sweet ingredients, but it can also be served as a dish by applying all kinds of salty ingredients.

Although it is common to confuse them, the truth is that it differs from Pancakes in which they are made with yeasts or gasifiers, they are cooked over a low heat, have a smaller diameter (usually 10 centimeters or less), and tend to be much thicker.

On the other hand, Ricotta cheese It is an exquisite cheese obtained from a second processing of milk whey that is produced as a derivative in the production of soft cheese, tremendously characteristic of Italy, where its name comes from. Basically we could call it in a way that in reality it is possible that you know more: the traditional curd.

It is a white cheese, with a delicious white and grainy texture, and a mild flavor. And taking into account this description of its characteristics, we find something particular: what happens if we combine ricotta cheese with a sweet crepe? Very simple, we will obtain a simply magnificent dessert.

Recipe to make crepes stuffed with ricotta

Ingredients for pancake dough:

  • 125 gr. Of flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 250 ml. milk
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 pinch of sugar

Ingredients for pancake filling:

  • 450 gr. of ricotta cheese
  • 50 gr. of icing sugar (powder)
  • The zest and juice of a lemon

Preparation of crepe stuffed with ricotta cheese:

Put the sieved flour, the 3 eggs, the milk, the pinch of salt and the pinch of sugar in the blender cup. Beat everything until it integrates well. Then let it rest for an hour.

Spread a skillet with a little butter and, over low heat, pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of the liquid dough of flour and egg. Dora on the one hand and then, when you are ready, turn it carefully and brown it for the other.

Split a lemon in half and squeeze it to get its juice. Also get the lemon zest. In a bowl add the juice and the zest of the lemon peel, the sugar and the cheese. Remove all the ingredients well.

Once all the crepes are ready, fill them with the ricotta mixture, roll them up and let them cool a little.

Ready! If you wish, you can sprinkle some icing sugar on top when serving them. A tip: with a little fruit jam on top will be ideal. The best? Of forest fruits, berries or strawberries. ThemesPancake recipes Pancake recipes

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