How to make soap at home

Many historians believe that the soap It was invented about three thousand years ago. Already in Mesopotamia were clays of Sumerian clays that mentioned the mixture that was obtained after boiling oils with resins, potassium and salt. It is known that the Phoenicians manufactured it with caustic soda and olive oil. In fact, they obtained it from the ashes of the combustion of halophytic plants.

While the Egyptians obtained a mixed product of the natron (mineral sodium carbonate extracted from the salty lakes after the evaporation of water), soaked lupins and fuller's earth.

Since then, and to this day, despite the fact that the soap industry has made this product indispensable for our hygiene has caused that we almost forgot the process of natural production of soap, the reality is that more and more people are they cheer up make handmade soap at home.

How to make handmade soap at home

To make soap you need mainly caustic soda, olive oil (or almond) and water.

The truth is that it is a very good option to recycle the oil that we use every day in the kitchen, so that we reuse it and its use will save us a good amount of money.

Of course, when making soap at home it is necessary to take extreme precautions: the place where you go to work must be ventilated, you must protect your hands with gloves and also use protective goggles for the eyes. It is not advisable to use metal containers, only plastic buckets and silicone or plastic molds.

Ingredients needed to make homemade soap

  • 1 liter of olive oil used
  • 200 gr. of caustic soda
  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 tablespoons of salt
  • Essential oil (the one you like)

Steps to make homemade soap

  1. Put the water in the container. If you want to add some spice or plant infusion, this is the most appropriate time.
  2. Dilute the caustic soda in the water.
  3. Add the two tablespoons of salt.
  4. Change everything well.
  5. Since it will be hot from the reaction of the caustic soda, let it cool.
  6. When it is cold, add the olive oil. With the help of a wooden spoon, stir well in the same direction.
  7. Put the container on the fire, until it boils.
  8. Finally go to the molds and let cool until they harden and you can unmold them.

If you want to see the process in video, below we share an explanatory video:

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How to Make Soap at Home - 4 Ways (May 2023)