Pine nut oil: properties and benefits

It is usual that every day in our country (and in many others) large quantities of oils, the most common being olive oil As the sunflower oil.

However, the truth is that there are other types of oils which are made from seeds or even nuts, as for example is the case of pine nuts oil.

Of course, this oil is not made with any type of pinion, given that its main ingredient are the pine nuts obtained from Korean pine and the Siberian pine.

Nutritional contribution of pine nut oil

The pinion oil it stands out because it contains approximately 90% fatty acids both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, among which we must highlight the pinolénico.

This fatty acid mainly converts this type of oil into an option for slimming diets, thanks especially to its great satiating power.

Benefits of pine nut oil

In fact, Pine nut oil is a type of oil advised by nutritionists in monitoring weight loss diets, since it is capable of reduce the amount of calories consumed.

We owe this principal virtue to pinoleic acid that we found in the pine nuts, which is capable of stimulate the gastrointestinal secretion of satiating peptides, which are responsible for triggering satiety mechanisms.

In this sense, the pinolenic acid acts both in the satiety mechanisms of the digestive system and the central nervous system.

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Pine Oil: Benefits and Uses (March 2023)