Teeth care

The teeth They are necessary to be able to eat most of the foods that we prepare every day. For this reason, keep a good teeth care It is something as fundamental as maintaining a good healthy and healthy diet.

Know how to keep about healthy teeth it is something to be taken into account. In this sense, and as regards the food itself that we follow every day, we can choose some anti-caries food to help us in the process.

Teeth care

  • The calcium It is essential for dental health. In this sense, it is best to take it with food. According to recent studies, it seems that cheese (rich in calcium) may even have a protective effect on caries.
  • The sugar It is one of the biggest enemies of oral health. Therefore, reducing or restricting their consumption reduces the risk of caries in a considered way.
  • Chewing gums can help to mechanically clean the teeth, although the effect of some of their ingredients on dental health in general is unknown. Therefore, sugary chewing gums are not recommended.
  • It is known that coffee can stain teeth. If you want to enjoy whiter teeth, it is advisable to reduce your consumption, or restrict it.
  • Avoid tobacco, in addition to staining the teeth can cause an extremely negative effect not only on the own dental health, but general.
  • Wash your teeth whenever you eat, with a proper brush to your teeth and gums. If a hard brush does you a lot of damage because when you brush you bleed, it is best to opt for a medium or soft brush.

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Taking Care of My Teeth! (March 2023)