Constipation during pregnancy. Causes and how to avoid it

Pregnancy is one of the happiest stages that exist for a woman. During the nine months of the gestation period, you will feel in yourself how a small fetus grows and develops little by little until it becomes a beautiful baby.

But not everything is going to be a path of roses. During pregnancy, there will be times when the woman will suffer a multitude of discomforts, pains and conditions that can weigh on her well-being in general. And among all of them, it is worth highlighting a mild constipation that in most cases can be very annoying.

If you find yourself in this situation right now, do not worry because it is completely normal. The reason why most women suffer from constipation during pregnancy is due to the production of progesterone, a hormone that is produced in large quantities and that is responsible for relaxing the muscles of the intestinal walls.

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However, it causes the same effect in the cavities of the digestive system, which in the long run can cause a clear case of constipation in women. Especially if this leads a life too sedentary and the fetus is gaining in size.

Tips to treat constipation during the gestation period

But there's nothing to worry about! You already know that from NatureVia we like to take care of you at all times, especially if you are going to bring a new child to the world. And in this sense, through this article we are going to give you a series of tips that are sure to help you make this long process lighter:

It is necessary to increase fiber consumption

Fiber is one of those natural nutrients that are very beneficial for our intestinal flora. In fact, it reduces the chances of suffering diarrhea and constipation and therefore will help you to go to the bathroom more times.

Among the foods rich in fiber, it is worth highlighting the wheat cereals, vegetables such as beans, peas and beans. Also, nuts such as almonds have a high concentration of fiber. Finally, fruits such as plums, grapes, raisins and kiwi They are a considerable source in this nutrient.

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Drink at least two liters of water

Drinking a considerable amount of water also seems essential during pregnancy since moisturizes and renews all the liquid inside the amniotic sac, while at the same time the woman is sure to be less prone to suffer intestinal calculus as a constipation that can be the most annoying during the gestation period.

Perform daily physical activity

A constant and daily physical activity also plays a very important role when it comes to saying goodbye to the problems of constipation during pregnancy. But you have to take into account certain premises.

It is also not a matter of performing an exercise of too much intensity since this may not be beneficial for the baby. With going out to walk for 20-30 minutes In a mild way, it will be more than enough to avoid any diarrhea or constipation.

Consult your gynecologist or doctor

If you see that for any reason any of these tips that we have discussed has no effect, the best you can do is go to the gynecologist or your general practitioner so that I can give you a more exhaustive study of your situation.

From there, you may even prescribe some probiotic or specific laxative medications for pregnant women that can definitely help you say goodbye to constipation during pregnancy.

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Aspects to keep in mind with constipation during pregnancy

Now that all of you have met some of the tips that can help you say goodbye to constipation, we will close this article to solve some of the doubts that arise so much:

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  • Can it be dangerous to squeeze? It is not that it is dangerous for the fetus itself. But if we squeeze too much, in the long run hemorrhoids can appear that can be very painful. So caution first of all.

There is no doubt that the pregnancy It is an extremely important stage in the life of a woman, which tends to bring so much joy and illusion as very different uncertainties. So, if you encounter constipation problems during this beautiful stage, try to put a solution to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

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This article is published for informational purposes only. It can not and should not replace the consultation with a Physician. We advise you to consult your Trusted Doctor. ThemesConstipation

Constipation in Pregnancy / Dr. Courtney Legum-Wenk (December 2021)