Currants: benefits and properties

The gooseberries (Both blackcurrants as the red currants, although we can also find white varieties) are certainly delicious fruits, which we can enjoy especially during the months of August and September. At this time, to be able to choose them at their best, it is interesting to look at their color, which should be as intense and bright as possible, and be firm to the touch.

Its appearance is reminiscent of those of grapes, but currants tend to have a somewhat smaller size, and a much more round shape. Regarding its conservation, we can consume them in a step of 10 days since we have bought them in our usual greengrocers.

Although it is a fruit native to Asia and Europe, we find it especially in Italy, Holland, Belgium and England.

Benefits of currants

The gooseberries help improve intestinal transit thanks to its very interesting fiber content. They are useful in case of anemia, since they provide an adequate amount of iron, in addition to other minerals such as potassium or calcium.

It is an antioxidant fruit, which helps prevent the formation of cancer. It favors the absorption of some nutrients such as iron, and increases the resistance to infections, favoring a good immune system.

Improves peripheral circulation, while juice or red currant juice provide antibiotic and antiseptic action, especially in case of urinary infection.

It is a fruit that, in addition to the indicated, helps the nervous and muscular system, thanks to its potassium content.

Nutritional properties of currants

Although the nutritional properties of currants They vary depending on whether we are faced with red or black currants, as a general rule we are faced with a low fruit in both fat and calories, so that their consumption is advised in balanced diets, and also in weight loss diets.

Regarding the different essential nutrients found in them, they stand out for their high fiber content, vitamins (provitamin A, vitamin C and E) and minerals (such as iron, potassium and magnesium).

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