Daily amounts of sweetener

The sweeteners are food additives commonly used to sweeten, which makes them in fact an alternative to sugar especially recommended in slimming diets or in certain medical circumstances, since they have little calories (unlike sugar, which only provides empty calories).

In fact we can find sweeteners in candies, desserts or chewing gum, all of them without sugar. Or we can also find a great diversity of them on the shelves of many supermarkets.

Among the different types of sweetener We can currently find in the market, highlighting especially the following: acesulfame, aspartame, cyclamate, stevia, neohesperidin, saccharin, suclarosa and thaumatin.

Although they do not contribute calories, do not produce cavities and do not influence blood sugar levels, the truth is that the daily amounts of sweetener recommended by acceptable daily intake ( GOING).

Daily amounts of sweetener

There is a certain amount recommended in terms of acceptable daily intake of sweetener that can be consumed without risks to health arise.

It is necessary to indicate, as we will see below, that although it is true that the recommended amount varies from one sweetener to another, it is advisable not to exceed 10 tablets a day:

  • Acesulfame: 9 mg. per kilo.
  • Aspartame: Up to 40 mg. per kilo of body weight.
  • Cyclamate: 7 mg. per kilo.
  • Stevia: It is a sweetener that is still under study, so it is advisable to ask the specialist.
  • Saccharin: 5 mg. per kilo (10 to 15 tablets daily).
  • Thaumatina: A recommended maximum level is not specified.

Image | jeffreyw This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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