Drink more water in summer

Precisely in a previous article we responded to an interesting question: how many glasses of water to drink per day?.

It is necessary to indicate that this is a very important question, since one of the guidelines when it comes to enjoying a good health, go through the recommended water consumption every day.

But that consumption varies according to the season of the year in which we are. While it is true that we should always consume between 1.5 - 2 liters of water per day (the equivalent of 8 glasses a day), it is true that in summer this consumption should be increased.

Drink more water in summer

With the sun, especially when we are on the beach or sunbathing ( how to get brown), we should not forget the consumption of water, especially when we are particularly in summer.

This is because our skin is dry, so you need to hydrate with an extra supply of fluid. In addition, we tend to sweat more than usual, so we also lose fluids.

In this time do not ever forget about drink more water in summer, especially in such a hot season as in which we find ourselves.

But not only water, but fresh natural juices, refreshing infusions ... Everything that is liquid, but natural liquid, fresh and extremely healthy.

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