Gold seal: benefits, properties and contraindications

The Goldenseal is a plant with a bright yellow rhizome native to both Canada and the eastern United States, although it is true that currently it tends to be more scarce in its natural habitat probably due to its use as a therapeutic remedy in certain conditions and problems of Health. However, it continues to be widely cultivated in North America and Canada, as well as in Europe.

Precisely its name is due to its bright yellow color, and to the marks it presents, which in many cases resembles the old stamps that centuries ago were used for the purpose of sealing letters and other documents.

Its scientific name is Hydrastis Canadensis L., belonging to the Ranunculáceas family. On its appearance, it is an herb that can reach 30 centimeters in height, with a bright yellow rhizome that can reach 10 centimeters thick. Its leaves are usually wrinkled, and presents a solitary flower of color between white and greenish.

The benefits of the golden seal

Incredible nutritional wealth

From a nutritional point of view it is a very rich plant both in vitamins and minerals. On its vitamin content, it stands out above all for its richness in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamins of group B; while it also provides minerals, among which we can mention the presence of iron, manganese and calcium.

It also provides alkaloids (such as hydrastine, berberine, canada and hydrastine), which give this plant its qualities as bactericide Y antibiotic.

Useful in case of colds and colds

It treats of a plant whose consumption in the form of infusion is very interesting during the months of autumn and winter, since it acts as an excellent antiviral Y antibacterial extremely useful at the time of improve the symptoms of colds and colds.

For this reason, it is also very useful when it comes to reduce and relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases. But its qualities do not end here, since it also helps in case of allergic rhinitis.

Suitable for the digestive system

The infusion of golden seal is very interesting as natural digestive drink, especially useful and appropriate in case of Difficult or heavy digestions. It is also useful in case of certain Digestive diseases and other conditions that affect the digestive system, such as, for example, colitis, dyspepsia, gastritis and peptic ulcers.

Interesting for liver care

Although it is not as well known as other more popular plants as for example is the case of artichoke or the Marian thistle, it also becomes a very beneficial plant when it comes to caring for and protecting the liver. In fact, helps regulate liver function thanks to that it promotes the increase of flow of both bile and digestive enzymes.

Contraindications of the golden seal

The use of goldenseal is not recommended in the following conditions: hypertension, high cholesterol, small children, pregnant women and during breastfeeding. ThemesMedicinal plants