Healthier lunches for your children's school

With every beginning of school, the imagination of many moms and dads comes back to what lunches and meals prepare for the recreation of the smallest of the house. Unfortunately, the "table of meals" or "box of lunches" that many schools offer leave much to be desired, sometimes recommending food or food products that, in reality, would not be very appropriate to say.

Let's take an example. I have the lunch box at my daughter's school in front of me. It specifies that, each day, you can complement the menu with what you like the most (and puts as an example juices or smoothies). You probably know that both the packaged juice and the shakes do not stand out precisely because they are very nutritious, especially if we take into account that they have a very high quantity of sugars ...

But let's continue. Snack or sandwiches on Mondays, fruit (thank goodness) on Tuesdays, dairy on Wednesdays, cookies and juice on Thursday (oh, my God), and on Friday the dad or mom "can" choose which lunch to choose. Obviously, it is a lunch table valid for many parents, which solves enormously the doubts that may have each day on what to put in the bag of their children, but ... maybe it is a lunch not so appropriate or healthy.

Moreover, many nutritionists would tremble when analyzing the lunch of many children in school, many of them just 3 or 4 years old: pastries like donuts or bollicaos, biscuits, packaged fruit juices, smoothies full of sugar ...

Healthy cereals for your children's breakfast

Do you want your children to have cereal breakfast, but do it in a healthy and nutritious way? We discover you the healthiest.

Although there are many options, the key is always trying to choose healthy possibilities, avoiding the unhealthy ones -like cookies-, or leaving them at least for a single day a week.

The best lunches to put in your son's bag. Foods that can not miss

Ideally, the piece of fruit was always. That is, each day in the bag of your child there was a piece of fruit, the one you like, or also vary in some days with another. If your child is older, you can also offer nuts, but if it is small the most appropriate, as we will see below, is to give it in the form of creams for example in a sandwich, since this way we avoid the risk of choking.

Be that as it may, if you want to offer your children a healthy and healthy lunch for the school every day, here are the most recommended foods:

  • Fruit:The most appropriate thing would be that they never fail. That is, always have at least one piece of fruit every day. Among the most interesting options, for example, you can choose those that are easy to peel for the little ones, like a banana or a tangerine. You can also choose small fruits such as grapes, blueberries or strawberries. Or introduce peeled and cut fruit in a small pan.
  • Yoghurts:They are a nutritious and recommended dairy. But it's not worth any yogurt. It is better to avoid flavored and sugary yogurts, and opt only for plain yogurt.
  • Dairy and vegetable drinks:If you prefer to add some milk, you can choose milk and put it in a reusable bottle or a minibrick. The ideal is to avoid sugary milkshakes, obviously, because of its excess in sugar.
  • Cookies:One day a week you can offer the child two or three cookies, but always choosing those that do not contain refined flours or an excess of sugars. You can also prepare healthier cookies at home, such as, for example, the case of cookies with oat flakes.
  • Nuts:Although they are nutritious and healthy we should be careful with them, especially if the child is still small. Being one of the foods with a higher risk of choking, they are not recommended for children under 4 years of age.
  • Water better than juice:The packaged juices are pure sugar. And, in addition, they do not provide the fiber that the whole fruit would provide to counteract precisely its sugar content. Therefore, it is best to add fresh water in a reusable bottle.
Example of healthy menu for the school

You can also opt for whole and nutritious snacks. There are many healthy options, such as: tomato with olive oil, avocado paste and black beans, hummus with carrot sticks, grilled vegetables with avocado paste, tahini with banana, falafel in pita bread ...

Why your children's breakfast cereals are not as healthy as you think

Did you know that breakfast cereals that your children eat every morning are not as adequate or healthy as you probably think?

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