Overeating: tricks to avoid eating a lot

When we are in a big feast with our family or friends, it is usual that we have at our disposal a wide variety of delicious and succulent dishes, so we feel a certain eagerness to try each dish and forget not to overeat.

On any holiday, especially in the Christmas, it is certainly common to enjoy succulent, wonderful and delicious meals and dinners, it is common for many people to tend to Eat excessively.

Which can, in fact, be extremely harmful or annoying. As you know, Eat excessively It can cause some annoying symptoms, such as: indigestion, bloating, gas or flatulence, and upset stomach in general.

Therefore, it is appropriate to know why we tend to Eat excessively and, above all, how to avoid it so as not to suffer its annoying consequences later. What complements perfectly with the tricks to avoid excesses on the table about which we spoke to you some time ago.

Why do we tend to overeat?

The appetite it is the desire that each person feels to ingest food, which is regulated by various structures located in our brain, known as Appetite center.

When the Appetite center it is stimulated, it is the moment when the appetite sensation appears. Therefore, when the stimulus reaches satiety center, the desire that the person to eat may feel stops.

It is common that this physiological system tends to act perfectly when we eat regularly and, above all, when we do it slowly, without hurry.

However, it is more or less common that, when we are in a family meeting or with friends, we tend to eat quickly and compulsively, so that our satiety center does not receive the "alarm" that we have eaten in time. until it's not too late.

How to avoid eating a lot easily: some useful tips

There is no doubt that one of the best ways to avoid overeating it is, precisely, not eating excessively and compulsively.

In this sense, it helps in a more or less positive way that we eat slowly, which will allow us in fact not only that our sensation of hunger is regulated correctly, but that it will help us to enjoy better each dish that we consume.

Although it is not recommended, you can always consume some dessert or sweet, although usually it is better to be fruit.

In addition, we offer you the following tips:

  • Eat lightly the days before:If you know the specific date on which such a celebration is going to take place, a very good idea is to eat lightly in the previous days, not forgetting to drink plenty of liquid.
  • Beware of hearty dishes:During one of those habitual meals, it is usually normal that we forget to eat properly and fairly, and we fall into excessive consumption even if we do not have enough hunger. In these cases, the best thing is always to be as rational as possible, enjoying - of course - the delicious dishes that we find at the table, but avoiding as much as possible overeating.
  • Eat slowly:Eat quietly and relaxed, especially in a leisurely way and chewing food very well. The first will help you to enjoy more of the food and not to overeat, while the second will mean that your digestive system will thank you, as you will do better digestion.
  • By the end:Finish the meal, if possible, with a yogurt or an infusion.

Following these simple tips you will get, in most cases, avoiding excessive meals that not only tend to produce an increase in weight when this habit is maintained regularly over time (for example, as is the case with what is known as Binge eating disorder), but that both can harm our health, both digestive and general.

And is that, for example, when we overeat, not only our weight can suffer. Also organs as vital as our liver or our pancreas, in addition to the stomach itself. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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