How to eliminate fat in the abdomen with these 3 steps

Many people tend to think that having fat in the abdomen is only an aesthetic problem, affecting their own self-esteem and ultimately their own physical appearance. However, what many do not know is what the results of many scientific studies warn: having abdominal fat becomes a health risk.

According to a study carried out by the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States, having fat in the abdomen is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, increasing the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and gout, among other conditions and diseases.

Therefore prevent the presence of fat in this area is essential to enjoy generally good health, and above all, to prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases and other conditions that, in reality, can become a real problem to be affections serious and chronic (as is the case with diabetes).

It is more, according to the results of another scientific study, those who are overweight but manage to decrease the fat accumulated in the abdomen can improve the functioning of your blood vessels, which means that the artery becomes much healthier and expands allowing more blood to flow through it.

But for remove fat from the abdomen not only is it necessary to follow a diet of weight loss, taking care of the diet, but it is advisable to practice some exercises that help a lot.

3 steps to eliminate fat in the abdomen

1. Follow a balanced and healthy diet

It is essential to follow a diet as healthy as balanced, as this will help when it comes to remove abdomen fat. For example, if your dietitian has prepared a diet that is right for you, it is best to follow it.

If not, you can consume the following foods:

  • Skimmed dairy
  • White meats (such as chicken, turkey or rabbit).
  • Fish.
  • Vegetables and vegetables
  • Fruits.
  • Whole grains

Do not forget also to drink a lot of water. In addition to necessary to maintain good health and for our body to function properly, it is essential in the process of natural cleansing of our body.

As you surely know, follow a healthy diet is essential to maintain an adequate weight. In fact, many studies have found that those who follow a healthier diet also tend to have a healthy weight, thus moving away from overweight and obesity.

2. Practice physical exercise

The practice of physical exercise is essential to enjoy good health, and also helps to live healthier and have a more appropriate weight, according to our own physical complexion.

Of course, the practice of regular physical exercise is essential, especially if it is aerobic exercise, such as running or walking, swimming or aerobic gymnastics.

Precisely to eliminate abdominal fat, this exercise should be practiced for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week, although the ideal is to try to practice it every day for 40 minutes at least.

3. Do localized exercise

The exercise located as the abdominal exercises They are the best options, especially after practicing a little physical exercise.

Particularly the abdominal exercises allow you to get muscle firmness, being recommended to practice each day between 5-7 exercises in a few minutes. Of course, you can rest on Sunday.

A simple abdominal exercise is the classic crunch: Lie on your back on the mat, place your hands behind your neck holding it, and with your elbows open, try to lie down and get up keeping your legs always flexed and your feet glued to the floor. Of course, you should not use force on the neck to avoid contractures. This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist. ThemesSlim down

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