How to make a delicious peach loaf

Unlike what one mistakenly tends to think, the truth is that bread is a healthy and very complete food, that absolutely does not make you fat and that, above all, can become an ideal option for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

But we must not be confused, the key is to choose quality traditional bread, instead of the typical low cost bread that nowadays there are plenty of supermarket shelves and supposed "bakeries" that are really nothing more than stores that sell pre-cooked or reheated bread.

Moreover, a good quality bread is one that is made with sourdough, in whose composition we find phytase, an enzyme that helps in a very positive way when improving the functioning of our intestines.

In any case, bread can become an infinitely delicious option to enjoy different flavors and options. For example, we can make an exquisite banana bread and nuts (which is traditionally known as Walnut banana), or the popular fig bread.

We can even go a little further and opt for a nutritious bread and tremendously delicious, at the same time different, that will provide all the qualities that spices offer us on the one hand, and honey on the other: the wonderful honey bread and spices.

But if you are passionate about fruit breads, and some time ago you loved the fig bread on whose recipe we explained at the time, you may like to prepare a new and delicious recipe at home: this time it is the turn of the peach bread.

How to prepare a peach bread at home

This recipe for peach bread is very easy to prepare and can also be made with dried apricot apricots. It is a bread that is very rich.


To make this peach bread we need 250 grams of peach apricots, 450 grams of simple wheat flour, 2 eggs, 150 grams of sugar, 100 grams of brown sugar, 100 grams of butter with salt, 6 tablespoons of milk, 6 tablespoons of mineral water (to make the syrup) and a little butter to grease the mold.

Preparation of peach bread:

We put the peach apricots soaking in warm water so they are softened, with one hour of soaking will be enough.

After the time we drain the orejones well and chop them in a small way.

Put the sugar and 6 tablespoons of water in a heater to make the syrup.

We are preheating the oven with a temperature of 180º C for 20 minutes.

Prepare a bowl to make the dough. We introduce the previously sieved flour, the brown sugar, the beaten eggs, the syrup, the peach pieces, the butter and we knead everything in the bowl.

We take a rectangular mold or two small molds and spread a little butter on the walls and the bottom. Then we put the dough into the molds.

We introduce the molds in the oven and cook the bread for one hour with a temperature of 150 º C.

Carefully remove the bread from the oven and let it cool to room temperature. Once cold and we can unmold it. ThemesBread recipes

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