How many meals do you have to do daily

It is very common that in addition to eating badly (either because we do it in a hurry or because we simply do not feel like it), we tend to skip some meals, breakfast being one of the most common.

The truth is that every meal is fundamental and important, and particularly skipping breakfast is bad because it is the first thing we eat after a period of fasting while we sleep, and we also provide our body with all the nutrients it needs to function correctly. throughout the morning.

Also, unlike what is traditionally thought, did you know that eating several times a day is the best way to lose weight, control weight and also appetite ?.

Although it is usually thought that it is best to make 3 meals a day, the reality is that they are 5. Distributed energy needs in these meals, we find that breakfast is 25%, food 25%, snack 15% and dinner 25%:

1. Breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day, since it improves the balance of energy and nutrients that our body needs throughout the day, helps increase physical performance, increases the capacity for concentration and improves memory.

The best foods and products for breakfast are dairy products (such as milk, yogurt or cheese), farinaceous products (such as bread and breakfast cereals) and one or two pieces of fruit.

2. Lunch (or snack)

In the middle of the morning, having a small lunch is the best option for not arriving with a lot of hunger for the next meal, and above all it helps us to enjoy a relaxing time during work or study.

For example, there are options such as a handful of nuts, a small vegetable snack or a piece of fruit, accompanied by a tea, an infusion or a natural juice.

3. Food

It is the time of the day to share with the family, especially when we eat at home.

It supposes 35% of the distribution of calories in the day, reason why it is an evident option to contribute to our organism the nutrients that it needs to continue the day.

You can opt for salads, white meats or fish, legumes, cereals ... In addition, it is important to accompany with a piece of fruit or yogurt.

4. Snack

It happens just like lunch or snack, with the difference that snack is the penultimate meal of the day, and accounts for 15% of the daily caloric distribution.

You should avoid products such as pastries, candies and sweets (so common at this time of the day), and opt for a fruit, yogurt or a vegetable sandwich.

5. Dinner

Bearing in mind that it is the last meal we make a day, and a few hours after we go to bed, it is necessary not to overeat and especially to avoid very heavy and difficult to digest foods, such as very seasoning, fatty or fried foods.

If the rice or another type of pasta is recommended (seasoned with olive oil), chicken or grilled fish with vegetables and for dessert a yogurt with fruit.

Image | CliffMuller This article is published for informational purposes only. You can not and should not replace the consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.

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