How to delay aging

The aging It is something naturally unavoidable, which appears every day (every minute, and especially every second), but which becomes more present after 40-50 years.

It can slow down the appearance of wrinkles, while there is a very diverse set of basic guidelines and tricks that can help delay aging.

We explain step by step some of these most important recommendations. Take good note.

How to delay aging

At present we can find in the market with a wide variety of dermoesthetic products that have ingredients specially chosen for delay aging.

But not only help to delay it, since they also care for and moisturize the skin, something fundamental precisely when it comes to curbing the appearance of wrinkles and delaying the process a bit more.

These creams are, as a rule, products that contain substances that optimize cell reproduction, while helping to reduce laxity (loss of skin tension, becoming more flaccid).

We can also buy products that are taken orally, that take care of our skin from the inside. This is the case, for example, of many pearls or vitamin capsules, rich in antioxidants and free radicals.

In addition to using these products, we also can not forget those products that are harmful not only for health, but also when it comes to delaying aging.

It is known that both tobacco and its smoke severely impact not only health, but also accelerates the aging process in the skin. Give up smoking and knowing the tricks for it can be a great help.

Follow one healthy food, rich in fruits and antioxidant foods, and taking the recommended amount of liquid a day is even more useful and healthy.

The Art of Aging Well (July 2022)