How to open a bottle of champagne or champagne

You may be surprised by the title of this post, but knowing how to open a bottle of champagne or champagne is very important, especially because of the danger of not having the proper precautions when doing so.

We are just at the time of the year when more bottles of champagne are going to be uncorked or opened with much difference to the rest of the year. We are talking about New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve, a magical moment in which lots of champagne corks jump through the air.

Moment in which we toasted the arrival of the New Year with glasses full of champagne. But what are the steps to properly open a bottle of champagne or champagne without causing mishaps or physical or material damage, that the cork could cause to get fired abruptly ?.

We must bear in mind that both the sparkling wines and the cellars have a high carbon dioxide pressure inside them and if we open it badly, the cork will be thrown violently assuming a danger for the people around us at that moment all pending of the great moment.

We should never open the bottle of champagne to a person, window or ceiling, in general to any side, so we avoid more than a fright or disgust.

Another precaution to take into account is not to shake the bottle as this will increase the pressure of the carbon inside.

Here are some tips to open the bottle of champagne correctly.

How to remove the seal from the cap

Cava bottles are provided with metallic paper that surrounds and covers the cork below. We must therefore first remove all the metallic paper.

Next we will remove the wire seal or metallic thread that surrounds the whole cork stopper. We will start by undoing the twisted ends of the wire, while placing the other hand on the cork stopper.

When we have undid all the twisted metal wires, we will remove all the metal wire muzzle. We continue holding the bottle and the thumb of the same hand with the hand on top of the cork stopper.

How to remove the plug

Lean the bottle slightly forward without directing it towards any person and with one hand we grab the mouth of the bottle and hold the cork stopper. While with the other hand we gently rotate the bottle.

We will notice how the cork is driven by the pressure of carbon dioxide gas, without letting go of the cork, we slowly and gently extract it until it finishes leaving without producing any fright.

We must bear in mind that it is easier to open a cava by turning the bottle while holding the cork than to turn only the cork, because only turning the cork will not only take longer but we could take a start and could be fired.

Following these tips, we will be able to open our bottle of champagne or champagne safely and smoothly.

In the market we can also get tweezers to open bottles of champagne or sparkling wine safely and without risk of the cork breaking.

The tongs to open bottles of cava are a good resource especially if it is the first time you are going to uncork a bottle of champagne and have no experience.

Well, we hope that these tips will help you and uncork the cava without any danger. ThemesAlcohol

How to Open a Bottle of Champagne the Right Way (September 2021)