How to make a refreshing lemon and witch hazel tonic for the skin

The summer It is characterized by being a hot season, in which it is very common to spend days of oppressive heat, especially when we are in the middle of a heat wave, or when the temperature is very high and there is hardly a slight breeze. The result? We need to hydrate not only inside but also outside, our skin is dry and common problems appear everyday, as for example is the case of dull skin, dry and dull.

Although it is true that an easy, fast and simple solution when it comes to refreshing our skin is to opt for cold water, that we can apply directly on the skin of the face with the help of a few ice cubes or by cooling a little water in the refrigerator, it is also possible to prepare wonderful ones at home refreshing tonics, which have the ability to refresh and stimulate our skin in a completely natural way.

The juice of lemon It has this incredible capacity. A very interesting quality for those days when we need to refresh the skin because it is very hot, and we also want to apply a astringent tonic It is useful to remove impurities from the skin and the fat present in the skin. This time we not only use freshly squeezed lemon juice, but also witch hazel, a wonderful plant with incredible qualities for the natural care of the skin.

Benefits of this refreshing tonic

It is without a doubt a wonderful refreshing tonic recipe unique and ideal for the summer months, or in short, for when you want to refresh your skin in a simple and completely natural way.

The juice of lemon stands out precisely for being a powerful natural astringent, but when exercising such a strong astringent action, its use in sensitive or irritated skin is not advised. Moreover, before using it is advisable to apply a little on a small part of the skin and test if it is not irritated.

Meanwhile he witch hazel It is a natural product that is obtained both from the leaves and the bark of the shrub with the same name, being especially useful in case of acne, it also acts as astringent, it's an excellent preventive of skin irritations, is disinfectant plus reduces swelling and inflammation.

Beauty recipe to prepare a refreshing lemon tonic

Ingredients you need:

  • The juice of half a lemon
  • 1/2 cup witch hazel

Preparation of refreshing lemon tonic:

First wash the lemon well, cut it in half and squeeze only one of its parts (you can reserve the other to repeat this recipe of beauty, or for example for an infusion). Once squeezed, strain it and filter it.

Then put both ingredients (lemon juice and witch hazel) in a container, close it and shake it well several times in order that both ingredients are combined and mixed. Ready!. If you wish, you can reserve in the refrigerator for a maximum of two weeks.

How to use the refreshing lemon tonic:

It is very simple. You just have to soak a cotton cleaning pad or just a piece of cotton (if you do not have a cleaning pad), and apply it to your face, avoiding the eye area so that it does not sting.

It is an ideal tonic for oily, mixed and normal skin. Its use is recommended daily, and its use in sensitive, dehydrated, irritated skin or with sunburn is not recommended.


Skin Brightening Lemon Elixir (December 2022)